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  1. Humanity is when you treat a person as if you loved them. And animality is reflexes,which, by the way, can be changed or instilled by a person. A person can hold back for a long time, and he understands a lot of shit.

  2. In the words used, it is necessary to identify the entities inherent in them, by generalizing the characteristics of the individuals implied by them. And then compare them for differences and identify discrepancies and dissimilarities.
    And here, perhaps, a fair thought arises: it would be better for everyone if man existed as an animal. The animal does not pursue happiness, but avoids misfortune. The animal does not chase supplies, but is content with what it needs to live its life. An animal is much less likely to kill individuals of its own species for territory and dissimilarity. Here you can see that humanity here loses a lot in moral terms.
    But most likely, the author of the question put a completely different meaning in his question.

  3. Man is created in the image of God, but the animal is not.

    A person is free to make their own choices and is responsible for their actions.

    When a dog bites a person, the dog will be shot – and its owner (or the municipal sanitary service…)will be brought to court.

  4. We are created by God the creator to have a relationship with the one who imprinted in us his image and likeness that transcends all animal traits, and that God created us with a spiritual dimension with individual individuality, creativity, will, emotional connections that lead to lasting relationships of love, forgiveness and care.

    These traits of love, forgiveness, creativity, personality, and spiritual dimensions are completely absent from animals, no matter how intelligent they may be.

    One example will confirm my point. Urbanisation has disrupted the food chain of most animals, such as cows, elephants, chimpanzees and others. We literally invaded their habitat and took over these lands.

    Have you seen chimpanzees or elephants (both pretty smart animals) band together to fight for their existential rights? Even chimpanzees, which have 95% of our genetic material, don't seem to react the way our lawmakers are noticing. They also don't show any spiritual dimension to find the meaning of their existence !! Because they don't have the personality that humans have.

    Meanwhile, even the most primitive man showed an irresistible desire to worship the unknown through sacrifice.

    We are created by God and for God, and until you understand this, life will have no meaning.

  5. Humanity is the likeness of God, and animality is the likeness of the Beast / Devil. It's easier for me to explain about animality. So to speak, let's go from the opposite.

    • It is desirable to destroy the competitor physically, it is more convenient at night from an ambush.
    • It is better to mate with a new female every season.
    • Children from the previous male must be destroyed.
    • You should do what the leader does, the initiative is punishable and punishable by death.
    • The weak, sick, or strange must be destroyed, and it is acceptable to give them to be eaten.
    • The strongest one eats the prey first, then the weaker one. The females are the last to eat, and it's not a pity if they die.
    • First you need to eat your friend's supplies, then start eating your own.
    • And finally, our favorite: if Akella misses and makes a mistake, he must be banished from the pack and disgraced. You can bite it.

    Well, humanity in Christianity is the presence of the soul, sins and repentance, first of all.

    • Only souls go to heaven.
    • Only people can repent of their sins. Animals have no souls, no sins, no remorse.
  6. “Man differs from all other biological species in the Earth's biosphere in that the information-algorithmic structure of his psyche is not genetically programmed unambiguously, but is the result of personal development that occurs both under the influence of external circumstances and on the basis of his own conscious understanding and inner aspiration that he is not aware of.”

    Read more: Fundamentals of Sociology. Volume 1 ” 4.7. Types of mental structure: https://kob-alt.ru/4-7-tipyi-stroya-psihiki/

  7. Congratulations, you've hit it. I often use both definitions, and I'm happy to explain myself. Humanity-in the gamut of feelings in all their range. It ' s entire range is not available for animals. Humanity-in the ability to distinguish between good and evil. Animals don't have this skill. Thanks!

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