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  1. Infantileness is the opposite. This is a departure from the adult personality to childish behavior. Infat removes all responsibility and adequacy in their actions. Infat is never guilty of anything and never apologizes for anything himself, because he does not understand or does not want to. As a rule, this affects people who have failed to socialize and they have received a lot of injuries. These injuries may not seem serious to us at all,but for Infat,this is what decided his life once and for all. Infantileness is an abyss. A person suffering from infantilism does not follow anything,everything is indifferent to him,except for some of his needs. He is not going to take responsibility for his actions and look for an adequate solution to his problems. He's just an infat. Therefore, when you see any indignation in your address, ala “Yes, you are so infatil that you gave up on me. Grow up!” he begins to experience ABIDA. He needs an apology.

    But you need to look at how deeply infantile a person is. You know, some girls look very infantile when they talk to someone. It's just that it's more convenient for them to appear lower,even if they are already lower in everything,they want to create an even bigger gap. I don't know on what conscious or unconscious level this is happening,but in any case, it should be handled carefully. And it is advisable to try to bring the girl to light with something that would at least for a moment show that she is quite mature and educated person. If you do not succeed, then either she is really infat and better run(it will be worse after all), or you do not succeed at all and then you should think about how to secretly find out how much she is really infantile from her personal life. But the truth is that it can have a very terrible effect on the consequences of your relationship if she finds out,but it's better than actually dating an infantile girl. Although here again, to each his own. Maybe there's a little hidden pedophilia in you and then it's more than satisfying for you.

  2. I'm not an expert in this field, but I'll try to give you my opinion.

    Infantilism ( in simple terms) is a requirement from a person that he basically does not need. I think that everyone went through this stage, for example, in adolescence, when the first love begins, strong friendship and so on. People tend to idealize, and therefore empty hopes/obligations placed on other people's shoulders.

    You can get over it with age, by destroying hopes, or by breaking yourself at the root. Just understand that everyone lives for their own pleasure, someone plays around the clock, someone humiliates others, elevating themselves; but this is their life and they have chosen their own path. Stop thinking that people should sacrifice their own interests for your own – it's disgusting, even if it's just five minutes of their free time. Such texts can often be found in the news feed, but try not to read them stupidly, but to feel them.

    Stop thinking for others, and start loving yourself and living for your own pleasure, not depending on others. A great idea is to earn money by doing your own work, or find a hobby.

    I'm sorry if I accidentally touched it.

  3. Infantilism, or infantilism, is a prolonged childhood. What is typical of a normal childhood? Objectively, little depends on the child. All the main decisions are made for him by his parents. If in the process of growing up, parents make not only the main decisions, but everything in general, then most likely a child, teenager, or adult will be left without this important life experience.

    What does this mean? If you've never ridden a bike , you won't be able to ride it right away. If you didn't drive a car, it's also unlikely that you'll go far. If you didn't make a decision… Continue?) Yes, it turns out that at the moment when the decision needs to be made, the infantile will not be able to do it himself! As a result, we get a person who either regularly makes bad decisions (“lives in his own world”), or simply is unable to make them – shifting them to others, and hoping that everything will work out on its own, as in childhood. No money? My mother will give it to me. Kicked out of the university? My mother will clap. Nothing to eat? My mother will cook it.

    To sum up the first half of the question: yes, infantilism is part of becoming a person and growing up, up to a certain point. After which it becomes part of the already formed personality, and not the best part of it.

    How to get over it? If you ask for yourself, then you already have the main thing-an understanding of the problem and a desire to deal with it. This is very important! And it will save you a lot of time and effort.

    And it will take a lot of effort. A person who has decided to fight his infantilism needs to train a lot – to make decisions. Where to go? What should I do? Would it be good for him? What should I do? All these questions (which we all ask ourselves quite imperceptibly every day) this person should ask himself constantly. To make a decision, not to pass it on to others, to gain experience, to make the next decision, and so on, day after day, until it becomes commonplace, as for everyone. First, you learn to ride a bike (and sometimes fall), then you go on the machine, forgetting about the bike.

    A person who has embarked on this difficult path needs to sacrifice their comfort. You need to specifically put yourself in a situation where a lot depends on his decision! Not life, but something very tangible. In this case, a change of hobbies helps. Hikes – where everyone's input is important and feedback is obvious. Team sports – start with a simple one and set yourself the goal of getting to the place of the captain.�

    The main thing is to put yourself in awkward situations, get used to looking for a way out of them, get used to calmly endure stress, expand your horizons. And in the end, everything will work out. A person will get used to making decisions for themselves and others, and will understand how much depends on them. Ot WILL GROW UP, stop being a big child and become a real responsible adult. And infantilism will be a thing of the past.

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