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  1. In general, infantile category is rather shaky, vague, it is hardly possible to give some clear and exhaustive definition. In general terms, this is a tendency to avoid responsibility, because children cannot even be responsible for themselves due to their personal immaturity. This desire to be a child is not situational, but in principle for your life in any circumstances. When a person delegates full responsibility for their life to someone else. For example, a certain girl always obeys her parents: she goes to a music school, finishes a conservatory, and marries an academician chosen by her parents. Although at the same time he may adore mathematics, imagine himself as a programmer and be smitten by athletes. But she can't. She was used to deciding nothing. But only to watch your life blankly as a spectator. After all, any decisions are always scary, as they imply some consequences and responsibility for them. It is easier to have a passive life position. Blindly follow someone else's opinion. Be what others want you to be. Do what's expected of you. To adapt to someone influential (parents, spouse, boss, government representative), than to show some kind of life-conscious activity, which implies responsibility for your life, family, city, country. Russian society is incredibly infantile. These are children who repeatedly arrange jostling for the distribution of free sweets, believe in fairy tales and treat the president like Santa Claus, who must reward for correct behavior with the distribution of puppies.

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