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  1. This is probably one of the most unpleasant truths — we will never and cannot be satisfied with life. At least for a long time. The feeling of dissatisfaction will never end, under any circumstances. The phases of satisfaction and dissatisfaction can change at different rates, sometimes even for months or years, but you can definitely say that dissatisfaction will still occur. I have already once come to a conclusion about why this happens, but I have safely forgotten, because it was not useful in practice. Moreover, dissatisfaction is incredibly important. If a person is satisfied with everything and doesn't have any pain in the ass, he will lose himself, he will lose everything. The moment when I entered a long period of complete contentment in my life was the most devastating moment of my life. I literally saved people from suicide who got everything they wanted and were 500% satisfied with life. Happiness is dangerous, comfort is extremely dangerous. It's like a comfortable chair in which you spread out like fat in butter — your spine is fucked. It's great to have a rest. Living in this state is a disaster. There are other unpleasant consequences of the love of life. People who love life very often consider themselves incredibly flawed. If life is worthy, then they are not worthy of it. In this sense, dignity is a limited amount of water that should be found in both the person and the world. And if there is a balance there — there will always be dissatisfaction. It will allow you to be more aggressive, save your life, and choose the best conditions for yourself. From the point of view of social adaptation, dissatisfaction with life is preferable to contentment. Creativity is born out of it, for example. Out of dissatisfaction with psychiatrists, I became a psychologist myself. Being content often means being barely alive.

    Oh, I didn't answer the question. It is called an existential void, for example.

  2. You know, most people don't stop there-they want more:career growth, financial independence, and a spouse who must meet the requirements that have grown up.
    Therefore, a person who has achieved his goal rejoices, celebrates the victory, but after a while he begins to be dissatisfied with what he has achieved. He has a desire to go further to new achievements, to new heights.
    Good luck!

  3. This is an individual personal perception of everything – both yourself and the world around you.

    There may be several hypotheses.

    For example, dissatisfaction is the driving force behind such a person. Only when such a feeling arises, it gives such a person a certain drive and he is able to act. It doesn't matter if it works or not. But it gives him a sense of life, of himself in it.

    Another hypothesis. This is, for example, the fact that this person has “all the conditions for life” – this is all that is defined by the external world as “everything is there”. This is not necessarily the same as the person's idea of this “everything”.

    It is possible that there is no one, but very important component in this “everything is there”. And then such a person will not be satisfied=not satisfied.

    In any case, if there is dissatisfaction, then this is a sign that you still need to think about this dissatisfaction. Find exactly the missing component of your own well-being that is missing and find ways to fill it.

  4. Mmm.. liberalism? In Russia, the meaning of this word has long been distorted, and local liberals are already completely different. They are just constantly unhappy, although the most famous of them have large salaries from the state.

  5. To be honest, it is very difficult to answer this question, because the reasons may be different. Here you need to communicate with a person to understand the specifics of the problem. I can only assume from the question: 1) Or all the conditions are not created; 2) Or the person does not understand what happiness is.

    I can only say that, for me, “all living conditions” means a lot of money, and I would be very, very happy. Because I, with the help of money, can meet 90% of my needs for happiness.

  6. 7 All a man's labor is for his mouth, but his soul is not satisfied.
    (Eccl. 6: 7)

    when talking about living conditions, you most likely meant the material side, the external side, but external well-being does not automatically make a person happy, because there is also an internal side, the internal needs of a person that need to be “saturated”.�

    man will not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
    (Matthew 4: 4)

    In this phrase, Christ explained that Life is not only the satisfaction of physiological needs, but also spiritual and spiritual ones. That's when it will appear in your life, and it will be possible to tell you that you have all the conditions for life. And then your dissatisfaction will stop.

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