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  1. I like music where there are two (or more) voices with different melodic patterns. For example, the main melody that the text is sung to and the parallel melody in the bass line. And that together they make up some unusual harmony. That is, so that the bass is not just boom-boom-boom-boom. And to also develop some kind of living thought in parallel. It can even be a modern a cappella song like Pentatonix. Especially catchy when there is a very low bass.

  2. it catches on when you hear something familiar in new music that you already loved, but in a different, new angle. For example, I recently uploaded a song that had very familiar vocals, very distinctive and catchy-it was exactly like one artist I had listened to before, but the style of music was very different from what I was used to listening to. Out of curiosity, I listened to the album of a band with a bad vibe – I liked it, although I wouldn't have come to this music without hearing that song. what's interesting is that the vocals that caught me were only on one song – and it really was the musician I knew, the band recorded a track with him. and this added even more respect to this new group for me

  3. Often it all depends on the mood. Bad – frisson starts with sad tunes, vocal howls, etc. Good – I'll start dancing to the bass.

    But mostly “shazamlyu” old music that I heard once, but forgot.

  4. I'm always hooked by a musical motif. If the vocals are good, but the motif is primitive, then the song will not interest you. In songs with a suitable musical motif, the surround sound of vocals also catches on, as, for example, in the compositions “She's dancing in the street” (The Raveonettes) and “Hair” (Public Memory).

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