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  1. The ultimate goal of human life must satisfy the following conditions::

    1) it must be clear, otherwise you will not know if you are approaching it or if you have reached it;

    2) it must be one that does not lose its meaning under any circumstances, otherwise you will have to change it along with them;

    3) it should be one with which, in principle, you can stay at least forever, that is, it will never get tired and will not devalue.

    Humanity has discovered several such goals – here is their general outline.

  2. The question was put incorrectly.

    Not “for what”, but “how?”

    There is a well-known example from Chinese Tao-Buddhism:

    “Once upon a time there was a butcher who butchered carcasses in the market every day.

    And if all the other butchers sharpened their knives every 5-6 days, then this master sharpened the knife once a year. He was asked-how does he manage it? Is the steel any different?

    The secret was that the Master made every movement as accurately as possible, through the veins and joints, without touching the bones. He also knew the subject of his work well and precisely controlled his every action. And this perfection in work led to such perfect behavior.

    I think that a person who has honed every action to perfection and perfection will never regret a single thing that he has ever done in his life.

    Like a master who fixes cars without mistakes, like a doctor who fixes people without mistakes, like a bread maker… reduce the number of your mistakes to zero and you will definitely be happy.

  3. For the sake of the ALMIGHTY, for the sake of FEELINGS, for the sake of FREEDOM, for the sake of the fact that I was born one in a million like this), for the sake of CHILDREN, for the sake of the RACE…
    I think everyone has their own meanings for what…

  4. It is possible that there is no universal meaning for absolutely everyone. Because life is such a kind of sandbox, where you have complete freedom of action and equal conditions with most other people. And everyone should independently formulate their own unique life path and their own personal meaning of life. Anyone who has played such games will understand what I wrote about. No wonder they say that our life is a game.

  5. My answer will not be popular) although, how to look) Many people say-you need to live for the sake of life, for yourself, for your own pleasure. Well, they are partly right, but I insist that you need to live for the sake of continuing yourself!)) This is the continuation of the family, it is in children, in grandchildren – this is the secret of eternal youth and endless happiness! We will leave, but our most beloved and most cherished ones will remain to pull the connecting thread between the past and the future. This is our eternal youth. And when the earthly journey comes to an end, you will leave with a calm heart and a pure soul, not regretting anything )

  6. Do you live for yourself or for whom? Have you already regretted it? Have you come to the conclusion that you need to live for the state? For a woman? For a corporation? For the city and its neighbors?

  7. You'll regret it anyway. In terms of what a person does, it always seems that it is not enough that he spent time on the wrong thing. If there is a family, it seems that you have devoted most of your life to those who in the end did not care about you. Love is not eternal, and money is paper, work is not a permanent thing, friends come and go. And you are and will be. At home, of course. So, it is better not to fill your head with such questions, but to find a goal. Of course, it will change, but for a while it will make sense.

  8. For my own sake. For the sake of your desires and dreams, goals and aspirations. Whatever you want to call it. Just imagine yourself in your old age and what you may regret. What you haven't done, what you haven't tried, where you haven't been.

  9. I think a person should live for the sake of beauty and the world around them-harmony-transform the space around them in all respects and senses of the word

  10. For the sake of impressions, sensations and emotions. Perhaps this is what we come to this world for. Look at mountain climbers, artists, skydivers, soldiers of fortune, travelers, religious fanatics, just hermits, even drug addicts and serial killers. All of them are driven by something. I'm what exactly? Everyone fulfills some kind of mission. But what if there is no mission? If there is only work from 8 to 8? If nothing happens, neither good nor bad? Maybe your mission is to be an observer? Or maybe you don't mean so little? Maybe you are a significant link in the chain of events, but you are not allowed to know about it? There is a theory called the butterfly effect. According to it, all our actions and inactions affect the fate of the world. Yes, that's right, everyone's actions! Even a drunk lying in a doorway can change someone's usual route, change the plan, delay for a couple of minutes, and start a whole tree of processes. Or vice versa, stop previously launched ones. Remember the main thing: the most terrible sin – there is despondency!

  11. Not for anything. Just live with pleasure! Rejoice that you are the chosen one, here and now. To see beauty and enjoy it, Wisdom will help us!

  12. Of course, the purpose of life or the meaning of life is there. This is life itself. In all its forms. Don't you want to regret your life? So don't be sorry. You ask the question how not to regret your life. Does it sound like I should get high so I never feel like eating? Life is a process. A process in which the driving forces are opposites and contradictions. The world works very wisely. And the genius of life consists in universal interconnection and dependence. Who came up with it? Do you really care who grew the meat in your goulash? You just use it. , but here is a great meaning that a person experiences every day, every hour, every moment. And what does it consist of? In taking advantage of life itself. Life is an opportunity for you to gain experience. Experience of what? Total. Wisdom, perseverance, humiliation, power, pleasure, anger, frustration, resentment, euphoria, triumph, regret, etc. The scenario of life is written and is popularly called fate. But human free will is one of the highest laws of the universe. Within the limits of your destiny, you can improvise, make mistakes, improve, and be a co-creator of your life. Will you have any regrets along the way? Of course they will. As the wise wrote. Pain in this life is inevitable, but resentment and suffering is already your choice. A lot of things are in your hands. Life as a chance given to you by the universe should be used to the maximum. You have this option. And so the question posed in the title is fundamentally wrong. Not “What is worth living for…..” But how do I live my life to benefit from thisGet the most out of it? And so many books have been written about ways to improve the efficiency of life.

    The purpose of life is life. And it is possible and necessary to set tasks and goals for a day, year, or decade, because it helps you become aware of yourself. Kilometer poles on the highway are they what justify your achievements? They just stand)))))) But your feelings, human qualities, experience gained in passing the highway of life, can be an indicator of how you used your Opportunity in this life)))

  13. For me, the meaning and purpose of life is to be myself always, regardless of circumstances, to accept everything, not to resist anything, not to get attached to anything or anyone.don't judge anyone,but it doesn't always work out.

  14. The writer Nikolai Ostrovsky in his book “How steel was Tempered” gave an answer to this question: – “you need to live in such a way that it is not excruciatingly painful for the aimlessly lived years.” But people have different goals in life…

  15. A person is not born of his own free will! Having been born, he first learns the world at the level of knowledge that he received when he was in the family, and then, having received knowledge from being in society, he teaches other members of society, within the framework of his acquired knowledge! That is, to each his own! In life, not everything is decided by money, but by the upbringing received in the family, your attitude to your parents, brothers, sisters, and children! Hence the boomerang of being! It is necessary to live in such a way that it is not excruciatingly painful for the aimlessly lived years!

  16. The question is completely wrong. Not for what, but how. I really like the aphorism, I don't know who it belongs to: – “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” You can set yourself any goals, but whether you will achieve these goals is a big question, since to a greater extent everything depends not on you, but on the so-called “circumstances”. Unfortunately, we don't know what the meaning of our lives is. What is the meaning of life, for example, a cucumber from our garden? Grow up healthy and delicious. Perhaps we are the same cucumber for someone? And the meaning of our life is to grow up healthy and tasty (morally). And then, accordingly, you need to ask the question not for what, but how. But the question of how, already implies an attitude to children, and to others, and to society as a whole, and to the surrounding nature. And what was right, to put at the forefront the achievement of any material benefits and pleasures by any means, or a simple, moral life, we will find out only there – beyond the line.

  17. I do not know who reads how I have joy that I have a son he is all well done for me he found his way to all would have such children I do not know so brought up or he himself is so smart I have the same grandson daughter-in-law is very much engaged with him and what to do if you live only for yourselfI feel sorry for such parents.

  18. First, you need to take a step above the development of those around you. There is no turning back. You won't cry. The path is open, you will see more, you will go further. It's worth living for. You won't regret it!

  19. The answer, someone will give the Bible.

    Acts of the Apostles chapter 17 verse 26 and verse 27.

    “Out of one blood He made the whole human race to dwell on the whole face of the earth.”,

    having appointed predestined times and limits for their habitation, so that they may seek

    Of god,

    whether It will not be sensed and found, even though It is not far from each of us.” The Old Testament. Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 verse 2 Vanity of vanities, said Ecclesiastes, vanity of vanities, all is vanity.”

    Perhaps it is worth living for the sake of the Eternal, so as not to regret it.

  20. This world is not made up by us, this world is not made up by me. That's the answer-look to the creator. His name is Jesus Christ. He knows the meaning. You will not be mistaken – the truth. Very interesting. Study the Bible. The Book of Life.

  21. In order to keep the habitat, the planet, clean. For their own children, and if there are no children of their own , for other people's children. And it would be nice to rewrite history. Now children study history from wars. We need to find other memorable dates that will allow us to rewrite history. Wars should not be central to the study of history. You should not be proud of them. War is not a cause for celebration. Yandex Map Editor. This is a miscalculation of politicians. And for people – grief.

  22. Unfortunately, we are mortal. And when you realize what you live for, it turns out that it is impossible to fix anything.If you drop the “Peacock's tail”, then there remains one significant goal of life, by which everyone judges whether your life took place, whether it was successful, or whether your life went to waste-that is, after your death there will be nothing left.It is the meaning of life that lies in the number of children born to you or born to you.Of course, long-term emotional contact with your offspring is desirable,but this is as it turns out. If a person is successful in business or career,but does not have children ,then his life has failed,besides, for the rest of his life he will feel like an emotional freak, or he will commit suicide or make the lives of others unbearable. It is not necessary to invent the meaning of life,it was determined in advance by “mother nature” -THIS IS THE CONTINUATION OF A KIND, the Procreation and upbringing of offspring.

  23. Not for anything. There is no common meaning to life. It is what everyone will assign to themselves, according to their values. Just live it. Try to satisfy your needs to the extent that their satisfaction does not interfere with or harm other people and yourself in the long run. Everyone is different. Just listen to yourself.

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