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  1. Discovery.


    Help others.

    Creation and creativity.

    Sounds and smells, sunsets and sunrises, dancing, yoga, books, the sea and, of course, big dreams and moving towards them.

  2. For me, life is an endlessly flowing experience. After all, what can be cooler than having time to learn in your life both the whole range of simple emotions, such as anger and joy, and deep ones, including love, all-consuming rage, heartache, happiness, etc. In addition, as you can already understand from the above, for me it does not matter at all whether the experience was negative or positive, in any case you will become wiser or, on a dry land, you will get an unforgettable experience! As for me, it would be incredibly boring and I could literally lose the meaning of life if it were not so filled with spontaneous and unique events!

  3. Life for me is following an existential and individual basis, improving my personality. Why is this necessary? To live better, and to live better means to live happier. That's all.

  4. Life is about emotions, feelings, smell, desires, first kiss, old age, education, watching a movie, walking, shopping, gifts, work, consciousness. Life is all that surrounds us.

  5. Youthful maximalism pushed me to perceive life as a path to some goal. In the end, I decided that it was very difficult and not fun. Leave nothing here – everything is rotten. You can't take anything with you to the next world. Now, for me, life is a process, a game, an attempt to get pleasure, to enjoy the process itself: tastes, smells, colors, sensations, hugs, joys, sorrows, anxieties. All this distinguishes us from non-being, given now and not for a long time.

  6. I see life as a more complete process, as opposed to just existing. For me, life is something that gives you more pleasure, satisfaction and joy than disappointment. It is clear that it is impossible to live completely without disappointment. But it's about the ratio.

    I will also say that life is a friendship with yourself. In this slightly childish-sounding phrase, I mean that a person feels good with himself. Without internal bickering, excessive background anxiety, and so on.

    Well, timely satisfaction of basic basic needs-here too.

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