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  1. The answer above (as I can already assume below) did not describe what even from a scientific point of view is love, it was a description of falling in love. Love, on the other hand, is a more multifaceted and deep feeling, rooted not in banal attraction, but in respect, trust and other equally important aspects of human relationships. For me personally, this is the most interesting stage of a relationship. Blind infatuation passes, and it is replaced by something else, the same pleasant, but sighted feeling. You literally begin to see all the oblique angles of your partner. And if, even after the cooled down whirlwind of hormones in your head, you clearly see all those shortcomings and slants, but at the same time put up with them or sincerely help your companion to change them, consider this at least one of the points of true love. In addition, an important part of love is the “upgraded” emotions of the stage of falling in love, such as a feeling of deepest sympathy and strong attachment, the threads of which are extremely difficult to break when parting. Of course, in the very concept of love there are many other important attributes, such as a pleasant time together, the desire to be close to the object of love more often and it's banal to meet the dawn in the same bed, but this is already obvious, isn't it 🙂 . It is quite possible that most people will not agree with my treatise on love as such, but still this is imho (which is for you).

  2. Love is an unconditional and selfless feeling of acceptance of another person as a value in itself, accompanied by the desire for emotional involvement with him. Love is a social phenomenon.

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