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  1. Each person, based on his personal experience, worldview, in different life periods, can lean towards one or another value system. If we talk about humanity as a whole, then it is most likely important to find the right balance, because both are necessary for humans as a species, stemming from their nature and history.

  2. There are rules everywhere…things you need to know! So here also have their own rules, choose a person.But the rules are relentless.And what is more important it is up to him to decide

  3. Material values are above all they play a big role a person can do without spirituality but without matter no he can not do without

  4. Spiritual values are the knowledge of oneself, the revelation of the secrets of the universe. Material values, in turn, depend on the level of development and realization of a person. The higher the level of development, the more material values a person can receive from life, and vice versa, the less developed a person is, the less he is able to receive from the material world. A person can be developed to a certain level, but not realize their natural properties, then material desires remain at the same level as before development. Therefore, it is important to understand what level of development a person is at, for which he is given certain properties and abilities. Then you can understand how to realize yourself in society, find your place in it and enjoy every day you live, every minute you live. Life is a constant interaction with people. Everyone wants life to be joyful, happy, and fulfilling, so they want to build good relationships with others and understand them. There is an interest in what properties everyone has, what abilities and talents people have, what character traits change, and what is inherent in nature. Understanding the structure of the psyche opens up life in a new quality. Knowing all the patterns and interactions of mental properties and abilities, you can establish a comfortable relationship with any person. This is how to solve examples and equations, knowing the numbers and multiplication table. In system-vector psychology, the human psyche is fully revealed. All the components – consciousness and unconsciousness-become understood.

  5. So, friends, let's start with the concepts. A person is a multi-level microstructure, and if we approach it from the point of view of the set of sciences, we see biomechanics (body, neurophysiology) + psyche + spirit/soul. Therefore, a person will not be complete if the emphasis is placed on one of the components, and the rest is ignored.

    From this, each person has the corresponding classes of tasks-survival, establishing a state, managing the present and creating a future for himself and his environment. And whether you want to or not, life will set you such tasks. And you need to get dressed and pay for the apartment and represent something of yourself. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to extremes. This question should be asked when you already have something to eat. And a person earns, roughly speaking, by selling their abilities. What pushes us to become specialists in a certain field in a manageable way and constantly improve our skills.

    So, if we rely on at least three sources – the Dogmatics of the Spanish school of fencing Destresa ( and any traditional school is the education of a warrior and a scientist in one person), the school of the Russian academician Popov (who worked with Stalin together with Yakovlev on issues of memory and consciousness) and the applied knowledge of our predecessors (we can say how our predecessors coped with certain tasks),:

    A person is always remembered for his actions. A person was not born to perpetuate himself in real estate and property, because everything that is made for himself will be destroyed and ruined immediately after death by greedy relatives, and he himself will soon be forgotten . A person perpetuates himself by his actions, performing a duty (doing what he should do in his place) and at the same time he is modest – this is what eternal life looks like in the memory of many generations.

    And there are plenty of historical examples of this – remember Sergei Korolev, Hieronimo de Carranza, Peter I, Charles V, Fyodor Ushakov and many others-they are all remembered for their actions. And they owned everything during their lifetime, but they didn't have any property behind them – not because they were poor, these people were strong personalities and powerful, but because their priorities were already lined up. They could provide bread on the table and could be useful to others. The one who is nothing, he will accumulate and tremble so as not to lose.

  6. I'll say what I think, I'm kind of like a person too, especially when I shave)))(I think-oh, I don't like this word and I won't explain why), let's replace it with a more funny one. I don't understand what spiritual values are, what mat is.values are also clear.

    But let's say your body is a spiritual or material value? In the second pancake so asked you will say and think. And your brain is a d. c. or mat. c.? failure again, have you thought about it? Or maybe they didn't think about it, but that's not the point of how to shave). And I will say that both are CARRIERS AND GETTERS OF the very mat and spirit values. After all, both those and those values are not given to us from birth, they are acquired, grafted in from the beginning of life and already reaching a conscious age ARE EXTRACTED and SELECTED. With what it is eaten now, I will not say. Having reached a conscious age, a person begins to consciously learn what is more important for him and how to get it.

    But what is more important and how to get it and choose it depends on the ALREADY CONSCIOUS PERSONALITY ITSELF or rather on the individual personality of the MIND.

    Easier…A person decides for himself what is more important for him this or that or both.

    As for me, one positive and apparently not stupid granny whispered to me one simple westch), And she said very simply-there are no pockets in the coffin( sorry)! And I immediately realized what values are more important for me, not important, but MORE IMPORTANT. After all, only idio will say that you can live without money.

    Here and the end of the fairy tale and who understood the modets. Smile and everything will be fine. Good luck:)

  7. The most important thing for a person is himself. More precisely, which one. If he has reached maturity, independence and feels the main support in himself — he will have both spiritual values, whatever that means, and material (well, really stupid). Are friends a spiritual value or a material one?)

    And if you can't rely on yourself, then no matter which way you jump, no matter what external support you brag about — at best, this will only change the order of their losses.

  8. On the one hand, spiritual values are the inner world of a person, his ability to empathize, which, it seems, is a hundred times more valuable than material goods. On the other hand, domestic disorder can undermine spiritual values and lead a person to death. Material difficulties are often an insurmountable challenge for people.

    In my opinion, it is more important that there is harmony and balance in a person's life. The material and the spiritual are parts of the same whole, and it is difficult for me to clearly put something in the foreground.

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