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  1. Neither extreme is good.
    You don't have to choose between two evils.
    The love between the two must be mutual.
    Well, actually, love is not just about two people. This is love for yourself, the world, people, partner, child, etc.
    The best of them is self – love, which opens up all other forms of love.

  2. That's definitely more important for me to fall in love. Well, at least once to try. Otherwise, you spend your whole life listening to other people's stories about various love experiences, watching movies about love and reading books, but in real life you only feel sympathy or sympathy. Well, sometimes it comes to respect. But so that: Ah! How I feel about love! – this is not once ((. Even somehow it's a shame, many people seem to love me, I hope just a little, but I can't sincerely answer anyone in the same way. You have to pretend.

  3. And what is better: to kiss with love, to dream of intimacy, to remember beautiful moments, to adore and admire, or to endure, to feel some disgust, to try to get rid of you, to suffer from obsession…?

  4. If there is no option in the middle, that is, to love the person who loves me, then it is better to love myself. Love in such a way that every day you create beautiful things, create. I don't remember exactly who told me this phrase: “a lover is more like God: he creates streams of energy, works of art, moves mountains, does the impossible only because of his inspiration.” Therefore, it is better to love and live on an infinitely strong flow of energy.

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