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  1. Listen to yourself = step out of your “comfort zone”.

    For only the “true you” can tell you what you are about life. If you are wondering whether to step out of your comfort zone or listen to yourself, then you need to listen to yourself – and step out of your comfort zone, otherwise you would not have asked such a question.

    If what you mean by “listening to yourself” is living according to your instincts – eating, relaxing, and fucking – then that's not really it. Listening to yourself means living in accordance with your values, which still need to be developed. And this is quite a complex process.

  2. I don't see any contradictions. To begin with, “comfort zone” is a rather clumsy term that does not reflect what it really is. “The zone of habit” or “the zone of the familiar” – in my opinion, is closer to reality. The usual routine of life, the usual reactions to external influences, the usual relationships with other people, often more comfortable for them than for you – that's all. And doing what you want will mean just getting out of this zone, starting with understanding: what do you really want? You, not someone who has decided that they can determine your fate for you. So get out of the usual zone and do what you want. And to do this, you will have to try your best, grow as a person, develop your abilities, realize your potential.

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