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  1. Great responses from above, thanks! I would like to add-I have often met that it is the “quiet ones”, girls who were brought up” especially “” correctly”, with religious or rigid families, who prefer and ask for tougher sex, so that they are taken by force, tied up, fixed, strangled. It seemed to me that this was such an attempt, well, as if to throw off the shackles of such education, and as if not on “their own initiative”, but surrendering to someone stronger and not feeling guilty for bringing them up so “decent”, and they want something pleasant-debauched, and not what they were trying to give them, and from a psychological point of view it was easier and more pleasant for them

  2. There is a demon of lust in every girl. If the girl is decent and “standard”, the demon of lust gradually grows to gigantic proportions and the girl sooner or later rushes into all serious situations.

    It is more normal for a girl to start a sexual life on time and lead it in accordance with her current desires.

  3. It depends on what you think is normal and what is already an experiment for you.

    I know a couple of ladies who are all such bitches, strict, tough and touchy, and in bed they love tenderness, affection and so on. And vice versa. And those who like both strict and hard sex.

    Here, rather, the answer will be that both girls and boys are very often shy about their desires, as they consider them not healthy and not normal. You never know that your partner is a fan of fisting, and you think it's immoral and unnatural. Or you've always dreamed of threesomes and more, and your partner doesn't accept more than one sexual partner in bed at a time.

    Again, as always, the main thing is to talk. If you are afraid, ask remotely, hint, and see the reaction. Like at the clinic, when the janitor was thinking of telling the Girl about taxidermy.

  4. Each one has its own. Girls are different. There will be no concept of “normality”here. What's “standard sex” like? In a missionary position, in the dark? :))) One way or another, almost all girls, as it seems to me, experiment in sex. Some more, some less. Of course, if these girls do not have any strict religious restrictions and if they were brought up in an adequate family. Why do people actually have sex? For fun. Lying half-dead is a dubious pleasure. :)) But on the other hand, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. What's the bottom line? Normally, everything that brings pleasure, and does not go against your own desires. There is also no concept of “decency” as such. 🙂 If these concepts pop up in your head, that's a problem. The problem is most likely parenting. Promiscuous sex is bad. Yes. And sex with the man you love is not bad, it's good. It's just not quite the right psychological attitude. 🙂 If the girl is still having sex with her beloved man, she will think about some “decency” and lie half-dead.

  5. Psychologically normal is comfort.

    It probably sounds weightless, but it's true. The main thing is to be sure that you will be supported and not judged. Something like this )

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