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  1. For me, happiness is the ability to appreciate what I have now, because most often people do not appreciate anything, and when they lose, they are very sorry. I try to appreciate everything: both good moments and failures, because thanks to them I feel in balance with life

  2. ***

    Oh, these stars, these nights,

    And this shore and the crescent:

    Excite, tremulously tickle,

    And the willows hang their branches down.

    In the palms of a wild flower

    And the smell of Life surrounds.

    Everything is breathing, everything is bubbling everywhere,

    Smoke and bonfire…I fall asleep.

    Well, all the good things are ahead,

    Maybe better than it once was.

    There will also be a stitch all in plantain –

    After all, it was nice and beautiful.

    For everyone, happiness is something similar:

    Then the birds sing, then the bike,

    Dewdrop-a teardrop, the cry of a newborn…

    This is happiness, happiness for everyone.


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