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  1. Well, for example, when a man firmly knows what is best for a woman, and then he is also surprised that she does not appreciate it – after all, who else knows what is best for her, if not for a man – this is sexism. Listen to the woman herself, what she needs, and jointly discuss how to solve it in the most mutually beneficial way-equality.

  2. Sexism is

    1. When one gender is forced to serve in the army for FREE, the other is not.
    2. A childless woman will retire 5 years earlier than a childless man – the only difference between them is the geometry of the genitals.
    3. Different penalties under the Criminal Code based on the geometry of the genitals.
    4. Different levels of access to health care based on gender (gynecology and andrology are significantly different in polyclinics).
    5. Lack of equal rights to the reproductive decision, and the fate of ONE's dna, after conception.

    And much much more.

    If Blacks were discriminated against according to points 1-5, but whites were not, there would be racism.

    And because gender discrimination is sexism.

  3. Sexism is the ideology and practice of discrimination against people based on gender. Well, that's de iure. And de facto, this is any offensive remark towards a woman. Well, there's nothing you can do about it, to insult the male population, this concept has not really taken root, although it is equivalent for both men and women.

  4. The concept of sexism is defined in the Russian and English Wikipedia, and there is hardly much to add here. Unfortunately, the article Sexism in the Russian Wikipedia in the context of increasing misandric, and in fact misogynistic, antisexual and defeatist tendencies in Russian trends that identify themselves as feminism was removed from the list of typical manifestations of sexism, which can be found at the link:


    I also consider it biased the point of view from the Russian Wikipedia that the concept of “sexism against men” is allegedly used mainly by opponents of feminism. In feminism itself, there is no single point of view on the permissibility of using such a concept. This does not change the fact that as a group, women are in a worse social position than men, and there is generally a consensus among different areas of feminism.

  5. Sexism is the infringement of a person's rights based on their gender. Don't trust/disrespect just because it's a woman/man, etc.

    But sexism is

    Not a casual compliment to a beautifully dressed girl

    Not a joke about blondes

    Not other small things that people do without a second thought and a desire to cause harm

    Sexism is only a violation of rights. Don't fuck around to the smallest details

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