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  1. In general, yes: it consists in minimizing material needs and focusing on your own intellectual and psycho-emotional development…

    But in the modern world, this is extremely difficult to implement )

  2. “Each person is a unique universe”, and each has its own individual “key”. There is no one single way at all. If a person does not feel happy, first you need to find out the reasons for this condition. And then it will be clear what to work on.

  3. If you are looking for an answer to your question, namely an algorithm and an unexpectedly happy Life, then everything is simple.

    You are looking for the happiness of the material world, so be prepared to acquire misery for harmony along with happiness.

    For happiness in the material world happens only by condition.

    What is it?

    It is when: here “I'll buy a bicycle”, “I'll buy a car”, “I'll get married”,” we'll buy a dacha ” … – this is happiness by condition.

    And this is the opposite for harmony – a bicycle broke down or was stolen, a tire was punctured on a trip, and no one is around…

    If this suits you, then the answer of Demyan Dimitrious is right on the topic.

  4. The algorithm is simple to understand, but quite complex in reality. And here's the reason.. What are you looking for? Happiness! What do you want to be a part of? And then a stupor, and a chaotic explosion of thought! So there is a conditional “good” and “evil”. At first, only one way and no other! Well, then your choice??? The algorithm of good is fully expressed in the Gospel, so fulfilling strictly What is said there is the algorithm of happiness, or With a part of God! After all, he is the absolute!!! Well, evil, or what not to do and live by a simple formula, eat, drink, sleep, reproduce…. I think it's clear?

  5. Of course, there is.
    Search for it. Think about it. Plan it out. To do. Check it out. Analyze it. Understand. Improve. Fix. Be happy. Thank you.
    And happiness itself will appear.
    All problematic people, all conflicted, resentful and unhappy – make mistakes and do stupid things, do wrong. Not as it should or should be, but as you want. Just don't tell anyone. This is the bread of many thousands of psychologists. People must suffer, live, and do wrong. So that only the kind and intelligent can be happy. People should create problems, troubles and tragedies. Otherwise, it will be boring to live. People need to suffer, suffer, fight, be offended by their parents and the government, hate the country and the people, hate people and themselves. It's boring when everything is good. It's kind of stupid to love yourself and appreciate your time in life. It's stupid to somehow love your family and live well. We must definitely ruin everything. And preferably in the morning. Cursing the city and my job, and everything around me, and the whole world, and my whole life.
    People direct their attention to the bad. And we must first look at the good. And only then look at it as a problem, as something that can be solved, corrected, and changed.

  6. Happiness is in ignorance

    to be happy, you need to know as little as possible

    conversely, if you are happy, then you probably don't know something that would cloud your happiness.

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