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  1. Morals are accepted ideas in society about good and bad, about right and wrong, about good and evil. Based on this, certain rules of behavior in society are created, both documented (such as laws and Constitutions) and verbal (something like unconditional respect for elders, and so on).

    And if there is no particular point in arguing about documented rules (everyone agrees that killing and stealing is bad, right?), then the essence of morality can be seen from the example of verbal rules: society constantly changes its overwhelming opinion about different things. So, if earlier they could almost kill for sex before marriage, now this is a normal phenomenon. Well, before that, killing a person was not something terrible, depending, of course, on who to kill, and it's good that today's society is much more humane.

    Thus, we can conclude that morality is a dummy, based on the prejudices of most of society. I hope that soon we will live in a world where it is considered immoral to stick your nose in someone else's personal life and condemn them for it, where racism, sexism and other negative isms will be considered immoral.
    In the meantime, I will make a reservation that even if the law is derived from morality, everyone should comply with it, at least just so that there are no problems. Such cases 🙂

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