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  1. That it exists only in the minds of theorists. In reality, they can easily co-exist even in the head of one person. Any person is a materialist, because he lives in the real world and has to reckon with it. Any person is an idealist, because very much, if not everything in his system of values, dreams, aspirations, and ideas is determined by the absorbed ideology.

  2. This is described in Wikipedia. Maybe expand on the question? Materialism puts matter as the basis of being and excludes the existence of non-matter-spirit or energy. Idealism speaks of the primacy of the immaterial spirit as cause over matter.
    This is a basic “given” for hundreds of ideological tasks.

  3. It and not, these are fundamentally different concepts, but not opposite. You can be both a materialist and an idealist.

    But if this question is about another, just the wrong words are chosen, then the conflict is here.

    Sometimes the desired-ideal may contradict the necessary.

    An example is Marx, who lived off the proceeds of a factory where workers were miserably exploited.

    Here comes the contradiction of his lofty ideals and needs.

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