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  1. A consequence of the high level of intelligence of people. Animals do not have fashion-they do the same thing for centuries and millennia, without thinking that they could somehow diversify their lives. Build square nests instead of round ones? What for? Only people get tired of the sameness and constancy, and they periodically want to change something. Change quite a bit and in small details – but so that it is noticeable, so that you can distinguish those who are “in the topic” from those who “do not see through”. This is one of the forms of division into your own/someone else's, very complex and subtle. Its roots are probably hidden somewhere in the depths of evolution.

  2. The result of the desire to be eternally new and unfadingly beautiful, to change the color, color, shape, style, context, etc., to hide their ordinariness, corruption and dullness, which is so inherent in human beings.

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