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  1. In fact, these are completely different educational institutions. There are two ways to create a university with branches: either the parent university opens branches (this was mainly done by commercial universities in their heyday), or by merging – this is the way of most state “network” universities. �that is, if the university is state-most likely, it was some regional university, which for the status was formally attached to the leading столич capital. all teachers and technologies remain your regional ones, but this in no way predicts the quality of education itself, either in the main or in the branch.
    If the university is state-owned – no one will close it, even if they decide to move it somehow – they are obliged to finish teaching you, so finish it exactly. If it is commercial, they may lose their license, but they will also be re-assigned somewhere and allowed to finish their studies.
    The graduation city where you studied and received the diploma is written on the diploma, so the diploma is “different”. The image of the parent university and the branch are different, so I will say again-in fact, they are completely different universities, just formally put together under the same name.
    There will also be different lists of applicants and a passing score, which should also be taken into account.

  2. Formally, the branch diploma is no different. But if possible, it is better to enter the main university. I don't want to say anything bad about the branches, but the quality of education in them is still lower. In addition, they are closed more often (there is a higher risk of not completing your studies!).

  3. The quality of education. In 99% of cases, those who did not go to their regional universities go to branches… or did not go to enroll in another city. Actually, this is noticeable in passing scores.
    And another thing: the branches employ teachers from the same regional universities, but on a part-time basis, from which the corresponding attitude is formed as a part-time job.
    In short, the branch is the last place to go to study.

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