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  1. In respect.
    If you respect a person , then you have a woman in front of you.
    If you do not respect-then a woman.
    At the same time, there are no objective criteria for who and for what should be respected, and who and for what should not be respected. So it's all subjective.

  2. Ah here perhaps for whom as. For me, usually a woman and a woman of the same sex))) a baba is a woman who has exactly babish habits. For example, flirting at the wrong time, inability to think objectively, twisting yourself, raping other people's brains (especially men's, otherwise how the fuck do I have no mood let this idiot also suffer let me take out all the brains to know that I'm suffering here!) well, for some reason the difficulty in building logical chains. Strange I thought such women were invented on TV, but they really exist. So there are girls and women on whom I do not hang labels, I respect them as representatives of the weaker sex, and I appreciate them. And there are women who will never compete with them, even with a chic appearance. Less women and more normal girls)

  3. A baba is not necessarily a female being. Baba is a hysterical creature, fixated on his own existence, looking for material prosperity and entertainment. This is a creature that can take out the brain with scandals, intrigues and investigations, loves rumors. With an exaggerated dignity and misunderstanding by others.

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