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  1. The “Baroque” art style, which literally means “pearl with a blemish”, originated in Italy at the end of the 16th century and has conquered all types of visual art from architecture to fashion. In painting, he is represented by such different masters as Rubens, Caravaggio and Rembrandt. Baroque has many characteristics, but probably the main words denoting this style will be-overabundance and decoration. Renaissance classicism and poise were replaced by a riot of shapes, colors and details…The Rococo style is mostly French in nature, it comes from Versailles and from the extravaganza balls of Louis 15 and 16. The name ” rococo “has a contemptuous and mocking character, it, the ceremonial splendor of the” Baroque ” style, brought to its logical end, to the point of absurdity, to self-mockery, it is colored by femininity, affectation and exaggerated theatricality. Bows, ribbons, flowers, silks, fizmas, flies and powdered wigs. In the paintings of Watteau and Boucher. In Russia-the Empress Elisafetta.

  2. Baroque is built on strict symmetry, and Rococo-on asymmetry; Color solutions in Baroque are built on contrasts, and in Rococo-on a smooth flow of colors; Baroque pays tribute to scale and volume, and Rococo puts emphasis on small details, on fine jewelry.

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