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  1. Hello, I will tell you in a more understandable language. A prison is a pre-trial detention center, also known as a pre-trial detention center. A zone is a colony of general, strict and special regimes. Where people are already serving their sentences

  2. A prison is a type of correctional institution with a strict punishment regime, where prisoners have a minimum of rights and freedoms, and individual manifestations of personality are practically unacceptable.
    Zone is a colloquial term for penal colonies
    and other places of deprivation of liberty, which are closed cities.
    There is also a throughput mode, a safety line, but the level of freedom is significantly higher. Prisoners can work, visit the club, library, and canteen in accordance with the established regime. At the same time, the very concept of “zone” presumably appeared in the thirties with the development of the repressive apparatus and the appearance of a large number of camps.

    Comparing a prison and a zone is not entirely correct, since the first concept is fixed in the Criminal Procedure Code, and the second is essentially purely in the minds of people.

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