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  1. Thinking is a consistent chain of thoughts, not necessarily logical-this is in contrast to those who think that thinking is rational. There is no indication that this is the case)

    Imagination is when you imagine something. Not in the format of text or live speech, like thinking, but in the format of pictures or movies-a slideshow of ideas about something.

  2. When we imagine something, we think. Thinking builds imagination.

    Therefore, imagination is a part of thinking.

    For example, a girl may imagine a first date-this is thinking.

  3. These two concepts cannot be compared. imagination is a function of thinking. Another thing is that logic is most often contrasted with imagination. The right and left hemispheres, respectively.

  4. In my opinion, thinking is rational, and imagination is irrational. This means that thinking always follows certain algorithms and patterns, and it has a certain framework. It's like walking on a well-trodden ski track. Imagination is usually not limited by anything, it has no limits at all, and depends only on the person himself. It's like trampling a ski slope.

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