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  1. The essence of life is psychophysical parallelism: simultaneous existence both on the material level and as an information constant.

    The cause of life is the law of conservation of energy, the laws of thermodynamic equilibrium.

    But with the meaning of life, everyone will have to figure it out on their own…))

  2. The essence and meaning of human life is a natural bio-process aimed at solving the main tasks of man and Nature – survival and development, accumulation of experience.

    Successful solution of these tasks is rewarded by improving the quality of life, solving all problems, getting all the answers to all questions.

  3. In fact, when asking difficult philosophical questions, you need to find the answer to them yourself.

    No one will be able to answer exactly what humanity needs in general, because, unfortunately, we all do not have a single goal.

    For everyone, the meaning of life is different, for some it is home and family, for others, friends and everyday joy. For alchemists, the meaning of life is to search for the Philosopher's Stone.

    For teenagers – to grow up and self-actualize in life, to succeed in their career.

    At grandparents – to wait and babysit their grandchildren.

    Therefore, everyone must find THEIR OWN meaning in life for themselves. It definitely exists, but it is individual for each of us.

  4. This question cannot be answered, because a person is an idea that is disembodied and indivisible. The idea was not and will not be, it only exists. Therefore, it is incorrect to ask about the meaning of a person's life.

  5. The goal is for the immortal soul to gain useful experience in interacting with the embodied world. To learn to choose good and reject evil, to do good and fight evil, that is, to get closer to God.

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