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  1. Well, that a control group of normal white American volunteers, who were supposed to set off the psychological darkness of a bad German-moshe-fascist nation, suddenly found out that it wasn't about the Germans.

    Not by nationality; and-oooh!.. – not even in the level of education, or in the social environment, etc.

    And, in general, in the situation itself. – When the situation is so arranged, and someone more or less authoritative for you confidently says: “Go on!”, from 64 to 56% (in different conditions, the authority ranged from a professor at the university to almost a laboratory assistant in a shed)… – from 64 to 56% of normal people will be killed. Even though they are in no danger of being rejected at ALL. Not because they are Germans, or Americans, or Russians; not because they are rednecks or intellectuals.�

    Because we are the people.

    The power of the situation over people's behavior.

    And perhaps there is an existing antidote – at least remember this to yourself.

    …It is funny in this regard that a practicing psychologist in Russia in this regard is doomed to be simply in essence a fifth column and all sorts of enemies. Because his profession is to train clients to be independent: free and responsible. Think with your own head: even if wrong, but with your own. In an authoritarian state, where the right talk shows bring the right thoughts to the right bosses from every iron… What a child, what an adult-obedient and independent at the same time does not happen)

  2. The point is to demonstrate that people want to obey other people.
    Even when other people are just in a white coat and introduce themselves as an experimenter in some strange place, and demand to commit the murder of another person (including the subject, it was nothing else), more than half of the subjects go and kill.
    At the same time, these are not some “bad” subjects, they are ordinary people. This is us, this is our nature.

  3. It's unlikely that you don't know how to use Google and Wikipedia, so most likely you are not interested in the essence of the experiment, but in the interpretation of its results by different people.

    Mine is this: approximately 12 percent of the subjects realized what was happening and stopped – and this explains why poor humanity is still alive and on whom it rests.

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