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  1. I am not familiar with this fact, but if I assume that it is correct, I can find such explanations for it:

    1. A person with a high level of intelligence is likely to be well educated, have a good job and income. Such people are more likely to seek medical help and are therefore better researched.

    2. A person with a high level of intelligence has a well-developed critical thinking. Such people are more likely to notice that something is wrong with them and seek help.

    3. OCD is caused by increased anxiety. It can be assumed that a person with a high level of intelligence generates more anxiety due to a developed imagination and does not have “trigger valves” that would allow it to be reset.

  2. This is a very difficult question. Very. So the answer may look even more complicated, so don't be surprised.

    High intelligence is exactly what makes up the” breeding ground ” for OCD. Because obsessions won't matter so much to you if you're not generally used to paying special attention to your thoughts and, let's just say, making the most of your intelligence.

    If you are an intelligent person, you are already more focused on the processes of your consciousness, and therefore take your thoughts more seriously than less thinking people. This is why OCD here gets fertile ground for development: a sufficiently strong emotional trigger that activates the childhood trauma and loads some of the thoughts with excessive energy potential, so that they turn into obsessions that cannot be eliminated because they are too strong.

    If you are used to treating the contents of your mind with less importance, then it will be more difficult to make your thoughts something that interferes with your life.

  3. Perhaps because OCD is a disease of doubt. And a stupid person does not doubt anything – he is absolutely sure of everything. Putting a lot of things into question, checking, etc. is typical of people who are not stupid with critical thinking.

  4. In fact, it is not a fact that ocd correlates with high intelligence. In contrast to Arkady, I can say that even not the smartest person realizes that checking the front door 20 times before going to bed or washing your hands 30 times in an hour is a little abnormal, especially since obsession may not be completely obvious, even for people who are around the person. This is more like another trueless theory)

  5. I doubt that people with OCD are significantly different from the control group in terms of intelligence. I heard that there were only a few studies that established this connection. But the question is-is it possible to make a judgment about the entire group of these patients based on just a few papers?

  6. I think it's very simple to explain, even though I'm not a psychiatrist or a specialist and have changed a lot from the time I wrote a comment here 3 years ago in 2017 … OCD is a problem for many people and it is not customary to talk about it out loud, because no one wants to be considered ill, except for relatives, with the exception of work colleagues and some ” friends “. In my opinion, OCD is a sign of “underdevelopment” of the brain, like mine … Ordinary people who have achieved success in life and become famous simply do not have it … Or rather-it should be clarified, OCD-some great people have, most often when they talk about high intelligence-they give the example of aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, eternal memory to him … But science , at the time when he lived , was not as well developed in this matter as it is now, and unfortunately, nothing helped him, not even his huge fortune . Maybe he would have been cured now, who knows … In any case , the problem was, is, and remains relevant, and it is up to us, the developers themselves, to decide how to deal with it . I believe that OCD is not a sign of either genius or high intelligence , just as madness is not a sign of sound mind … Sorry who's going to read this . This is my personal opinion . I'm not a scientist and I might be wrong … All the best to you … Good luck to you !!

  7. It seems to me that Ocd develops only in highly intelligent people , that is , as we wrote above, in people who are subject to doubts . I have mild OCD and when I succumb to it and start performing my rituals, I am perfectly aware of what I am doing, but I can't help myself, this is because they wrote that it is unlikely that a person with a high IQ will wash their hands 30 times before going to bed , this is a completely uncontrolled phenomenon and it can destroy any life , ..My OCD is that I often get hung up on little things like: links , likes , reposts and it really bothers me in a relationship with a girl and in my personal life , when applying for a job , but I can control it if I want , I wouldn't say that I have a low IQ , I took these tests many times and scored about 132 points in total , it seems to me that OCD occurs when a person's brain is overloaded with information and I assumed ..

  8. Well, as they say, a person with a high level of intelligence does not have a simple and happy life. So OCD, in fact, is the most severe complication of life. OCD causes millions of obsessive thoughts to people whose heads are just filled with these thoughts, and at the same time they unsuccessfully try to fight these thoughts with others, making a counterweight,but this is useless, because they will not be able to deceive themselves. What does this mean? Even on an instinctive level, a person should be aware of what is happening to him and how to deal with it. Perhaps OCD is actually not so common in people with a high level of intelligence, but the fact that it is OCD is mostly realized by people with a high level of intelligence. OCD is so compulsive that it can change a person a lot, or make them think in ways they don't want to. I remember reading that OCD can be confused with love at the level of some science. Well, imagine how much the brain should be filled, so that a person would have such disorders. Clearly this person doesn't read memas 24/7 =D.

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