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  1. High will can be considered the ability of a person to act on the basis of their own long-term plans. Even the ability to overcome the desire for an instant reward will be enough to consider yourself a strong-willed person. It doesn't sound “so heroic,” but “in fact, this skill has a “big impact” on how your life will turn out.

    There are a lot of obstacles in the way of almost any long-term goal. And there is an opinion that external obstacles are more difficult to overcome than internal ones. However, this is not entirely true. Arguing with “your own brain” is not an easy task. The brain doesn't “like changes,” it wants peace and ” saving resources.” He also refuses to help if he doesn't see immediate results. That is why it is so difficult to force yourself to exercise, eat right, quit bad habits and”stop sitting in”social networks for” several hours a day.

    It is worth noting that people who we call strong-willed and disciplined do not need to often resort to their will. They build their lives in such a way that the whole order of things helps them”make the right decisions and” act based on ” their own plans. Willpower in this case is needed only at the initial stage, then useful things will become a habit.

    How to achieve this result:

    1. Develop discipline.�Give up the “idea that discipline” is self-torture and “renunciation”of all the pleasures of life. The right discipline will help you enjoy pleasant things without remorse when all the urgent tasks are finished. Start by creating a realistic daily routine: include important commitments and things you enjoy doing. It is useless to build the mode only on the basis of “requirements for” yourself and “complex tasks”. You”won't” be able to stick to it for long. The basis of any habit is reward.

    2.�Remove distractions.Make your space and environment as conducive to productive work as possible. Reduce communication with “people who drag you down to” old habits.

    1. Train your brain. Developed brain functions (memory, attention, and thinking) can be the basis of any healthy habit. If they are weakened, then everything becomes much more complicated, and the quality of life decreases. Do not focus only on the desire to find the will, level up comprehensively. The brain has a huge potential for development. The main thing is regular training. The Wikium platform has all the exercises you need to develop your cognitive functions. They are developed on the basis of scientific research, adapted in a convenient game form. Practice for 15-20 minutes a day and you will lay the foundation for comprehensive self-development.
  2. The ability to act in adverse conditions to achieve your goal. The more critical the environment in which you achieve results, the stronger your will is. Another thing is also true – the longer you purposefully act to achieve the desired result, the stronger your will is.

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