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  1. There is a slight difference in thinking between men and women, and this is biologically justified, since a man and a woman have historically performed different roles in the family and this could not affect the evolution of their brains. But if you compare a man and a woman of the same level , the difference in intelligence between them will be several orders of magnitude less than the difference between a candidate of biological sciences and a street gopar, for example. And then-it depends on what criteria to apply… Therefore, in most situations, the difference between male and female intelligence can be ignored, as it is too small to affect anything, plus it depends on the circumstances: in some situations, women's brains work better, in others – men's.

  2. Do you have an average hospital temperature?) Perhaps it's because, as people say, women have logic, but men don't?….But seriously, your question is rhetorical, and either it doesn't require an answer, or you know it yourself.

  3. There are no differences. If you don't understand the logic, then you don't know something (influencing factors). The logic is the same, we all think, consult with someone, listen to someone's environment, including the Internet and TV.

  4. In my opinion, the very phrase “female logic “is more of a joke (I personally think so, because I so often joke about my friend when she makes some stupid conclusions that her own” twisted ” thoughts led her to. And when you figure it out yourself instead of just asking directly, you'll get God knows what.). And I think there's someone else who feels the same way. After all, women like to wind themselves up and get nervous about trifles sometimes (especially nervous and with a great imagination).

  5. Logic is logic, it is either there or not. And it certainly can't be” male “or” female”.
    Textbook “misunderstandings” in the communication of men and women are rather something close to misunderstandings in the communication of representatives of different cultures or even, more precisely, different social classes. Men and women are brought up differently, grow up in different environments (up to a certain age, after all, most boys communicate mainly with boys, and most girls-respectively, with girls, and hardly anyone will argue that a purely boyish and purely girl group – these are very different things), they read different books and watch different movies, they are guided by different patterns of behavior, they are assigned (still) different roles and positions in society, it is not surprising that they react differently to different things, and this can be even more obvious when they communicate directly with each other. For example, women in communication with men often feel (unconsciously!) they are more vulnerable, so they are more sensitive to nuances, carefully look at male behavior (and make the notorious far-reaching conclusions, sometimes quite comical), but often refrain from direct questions. Well, like how you at least slightly, but follow the mood of your boss (even if he is the most beautiful person) and involuntarily start to think of something when he is clearly not in the mood or, conversely, in an unusually high mood. This, of course, is not a universal rule, it all depends on the balance of power (who in a couple/group is “more statuesque”), and on what kind of relationship a man and a woman have, and much more, but still.
    (This, if anything, I do not take from my head, but very simply retell a rather impressive array of literature about the differences in the communicative styles of men and women).

  6. According to my subjective feelings, there are still differences in thinking between men and women.

    Our sister takes everything personally, which is why we often take criticism worse and more painfully. We do not distinguish between criticism of our individual actions and criticism of ourselves as individuals as a whole. Exaggerated example: “You don't like my new hairstyle, so you think I'm ugly now.”

    Ladies, as a rule, also choose the blackest one from all possible scenarios. Exaggerated example: “Is his phone disconnected? He's fallen out of love with me in the hour since our last phone call, and he's probably drinking champagne out of a stripper's shoe right now. Low battery? No, I didn't hear it.”

    Our attitude to infidelity is different (from what angle, I think everyone knows), and this is also a prerequisite for intersex misunderstanding.

    In general, in my opinion, female / male logic is determined by two factors: the hormonal system and adequate upbringing

  7. There is no feminine logic, and neither is there any masculine logic.
    There is a presence of logic or lack of it, and both are inherent in both men and women approximately equally.
    OK, let's say SOME women disdain logic because they are “too emotional”, but for every such woman there is a man who does not use logic because he is stupid.
    So everything is fair 🙂
    However, there is a caveat: logical behavior – it is not interesting, does not attract attention (with the exception of some thread SherloCkholms, of course).
    But the rampant disregard for logic is striking. Hence the stereotype that women are guided by some kind of “female logic”. But this is not a matter of logic, but of the peculiarities of perception. If you change your point of view, you can clearly see that very many women use asexual logic in the same way as men.

  8. There are no differences. There are stereotypes that, they say, women are more often guided by emotions and generally more irrational than supposedly always reasonable and logical men. However, this nonsense has practically nothing to do with objective reality. Unless some people consciously follow such stereotypes, adjusting their behavior to the cliches that others expect from them.

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