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  1. Like all the activities of “Dr. Kurpatov” for more than 20 years, this one also pursues the goal of making money. And it would not be shameful and correct, if not for a series of “buts”. In the early 2000s, “Doctor Kurpatov” flooded the book market with its 100,500 manuals on a comfortable and trouble – free life, consisting of 70% rewriting of countless personal growth psychology manuals for housewives like Kozlov or Sviyash, and 30% of water and traditional medicine tips. Then he had a long TV spree that ended, and it was time to think about the future. Of course, like any personal growth coach, he had some kind of all-space mind academy before, but the new marketing solution was a rather ” witty breakthrough.

    The “Moscow Methodological Circle” was founded in the mid-1950s by a half-crazed university teacher of pedagogy, G. P. Tolstoy. Shchedrovitsky, who developed quite a full-fledged sect with an obsession with managing people and peoples and involved many intellectuals of his time in it, because it combined the charisma of the leader, the features of the sect, official “permissiveness” (in contrast to Mamleev's black-book “Yuzhinsky Circle”) and secularism (very much in the spirit of the Soviet TV programs “Health” and “You can do it”, about creating a superman without religion based on a healthy lifestyle and genetics). In the 1990s, the circle flourished and became an institute (it still exists today), ” but most importantly, it brought up a whole crowd of people confident in their abilities to manage peoples and planets, who began to penetrate into power in the late 1980s, and until now the sect of methodologists is a fairly influential force in the Kremlin corridors at the level of advisers to ministries and AP. And it is absolutely possible to say that these are real secular sectarians with a rigid hierarchy and a very misanthropic teaching. In our time, they gradually merge in power with the descendants of the Yuzhinsky circle – with the Dugintsy and Dzhemalevtsy. All I mean is that in the circle of modern Russian officials, the word “methodologists” is well-known and means secret, power and wealth.�

    That is why the usual rogue coach “Doctor Kurpatov” used this term for his updated “academy”, because he expects an influx of the only monetary public in modern Russia – government officials.

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