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  1. Right here – ideal.izm.io – you will find thirteen answers to the question about the meaning of life. First, you will choose one of them that is closest to you, without knowing who gave it to you, and then you will see who it belongs to. The answers were given by representatives of Atheism, Orthodoxy, Freemasonry, Islam, Buddhism, Protestantism, theosophy, Judaism, Scientology, Slavic paganism, Thelema, and Krishnaism. Once you've made your choice, you'll get access to short videos of their responses.

  2. Just recently, I decided that the idea of life in motion. if you don't move, if you're not dynamic, you don't live. and I personally want to move as much as possible. I want to see everything as far as my eyes can see. I want to listen to everything I can hear and what I can't (I'll try), I want to be everywhere I can. this will all be my happiness, I will only think that I was able to do this, this and this, and this, and what a good fellow I am. therefore, the idea of my life is movement (as a process) and happiness (as a result). live well, let's live!

  3. The meaning of my life is in life itself.
    In every chocolate chip cookie I've eaten, in every funny joke I've heard, in a glass of beer, in the happiness and health of my loved ones, on a motorcycle ride around the city at night.
    I came up with a certain game, came up with rules for it(some rules were invented for me by society) and play for my own pleasure.
    That's how simple it is, actually.

    That's why, by the way, I support suicidal people here. This is not some kind of hatred for people and the desire to rudely postebatsya or kill everyone around. I tried on these feelings of despair in people and decided for myself that when the pain in my life becomes more than happiness(and this will not change)- my life will end by and large. Just like the meaning of my existence on Earth.

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