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  1. the main myth that is still tenacious is “girls don't care about men's appearance.” That's not so. For most girls, at the age of 17-25 years, appearance plays an important role in dating. If you don't pass face control, no one will care what a great character and interests you have.

  2. In a lack of understanding of their place,by definition,and in fact,this is what makes modern men much more jelly-like and infantile.An enterprise where the director is a woman, the accountant is a woman,the foreman is a woman, the master is a woman …a working man.Clearly, there's a lilac apron,and ruffled gloves,and flowered boots

  3. The main injustice is that there are not enough beautiful women for everyone, and no one needs snags. And beautiful women are quickly dismantled. Perhaps this is the most important injustice in life.

  4. I won't say it's unfair, but it's a problematic situation.

    What kind of man does a woman need? Obedient or independent? The disadvantages of obedient is that it is boring, it does not excite, it is calm, it is difficult to brag about it. The disadvantages of an independent are that it is restless with him, it is difficult to get along with him, he can throw, he can hit, he is not interested in her inner world.

    Cons in a man that a woman notices do not allow her to exist normally. She can't accept an obedient man because she sees his weaknesses and despises him for it. She can not accept an independent man, because it is impossible to live in peace with him-constant anxiety, stress, lack of understanding of what will happen next. She's always unhappy. In order for her soul to feel light, she needs to meet an obedient and independent man in one person — a fabulous unicorn. If you are interested in the topic of relationships (in the broadest sense of the word: relationships with yourself, with a loved one, with other people), then take a look at my vk blog “She looks with sly eyes”.

  5. I would call the most unfair belief “a man should”, which is very common among women.

    I mean the belief that a woman should have everything, and the idea of what a “real man” should be like.

  6. It's not even about the unfairness of the female sex. The scourge of all mankind is to pull the blanket over yourself. Try to drag everyone into your universe and make them live by its rules. Considering that this is the true truth of being. : My music is the best.. My hobbies are the best…

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