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  1. This is due to the fact that a person often changes things that he remembers. Those who work with witnesses are well aware of this. Starting with the green car, which is actually gray…

  2. Many things the brain does not thoroughly remember, but recovers, thinks out, during this recovery, the brain confuses many things with related events. But for a person from the inside, it seems plausible that it was exactly like this and nothing else. And this can happen massively in millions of people.

    Ask yourself and your friends what color the letters “LENIN” are on the mausoleum on red Square in Moscow. Many people will say that they are golden, although they have never been golden.

    Another example. Song from the movie “Adventures of electronics”

    In the young month of April

    Snow melts in the old park,

    __And** s swing__

    Start their run-up

    Which swing starts the run-up? But many will argue that “Winged”, in fact, despite the fact that the song is really called “Winged swing” but in the first verse it is sung “Funny”.

    But millions of people with foam at the mouth will prove that in their childhood they sang “winged swing begins its run”, that there was a different version of the song, etc.

    Many people “remember” “New Vasyuki” from 12 chairs, in fact there were just “Vasyuki” and “New Moscow”, but it is “New Vasyukov” that is not mentioned either in the book or in the film adaptations. They will claim that there is a secret version of the novel, which was replaced and so on.

    There are many such examples.

    A song from the movie “Carnival Night”, many believe that there are the words “Five minutes is a lot or a little” – in fact, the word “little” is not at all in the whole song, there is, however,”Even in these five minutes, you can do a lot

    “Caucasian Captive” – what is ” Whose shoe? My shoe! “- actually ” Whose shoe? Oh, my”


  3. This is a very interesting phenomenon. For those who don't know. There was such a politician Nelson Mandela. The news announced that he had passed away, and it was in 2013. But then people started claiming that Mandela had died in prison long ago in the 1980s, but in an attempt to prove their words, they found nothing: no certificates, no documents, no video files – nothing. And the evidence that he had died was clear. As a result, this collective delusion was called the Mandela effect. By the way, as far as I remember, this effect was manifested even with the Ford logo, since everyone said that the second letter did not have any hook, but it turns out that it did. And there are many such examples.

    How I understand this phenomenon. I think this effect is caused by confabulation (this is when false memories occur in the head, through suggestion or lack of information), uncritical thinking – trust in all sorts of ducks, as a result, we get – clouded public consciousness.

    For me, the Mandela effect is just another proof that the majority can be wrong, and everyone is welcome.

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