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  1. The point is simple — work with what you like. You can learn, for example, all the subtleties in the field of real estate and then write articles only in blogs and media about real estate.

    It will be easier to cover the same topic every time: there is already an internal knowledge base and knowledge of interesting points in the field, so it will be easier to write the next article.

    Plus, the legislation changes every year, so the article about the tax on the sale of an apartment will be different every time. Also, of course, it all depends on the title and the topic itself. You can write an article only about the new law, or you can collect a series of articles about the sale of real estate.

    And leave the generation of secondary and stupid texts to neural networks. They're already here.

  2. Since I am a technical specialist, I will express my opinion about the meaning of copywriting, as if from our side, although of course I can not speak on behalf of everyone. I constantly have to (and all technical specialists, not just me) search for some information on the Internet because I am engaged in design. There's no getting away from it. The Internet is the only source of information about devices and other technical devices.�

    Now to the point. It's disgusting to read what they write about technical devices and technical problems without understanding anything. Copywriters in the technical aspect are colossal harm. They don't introduce new information; they distort it because they can't use professional terms (there will be a low uniqueness of the text ); they flood the Internet with their own non-professional articles, which make it difficult to find truly informative data and articles.�

    In fact, copywriting is a cancer of the Internet, if it is considered as a source of information. I even feel sorry for copywriters, I've tried it myself before. Wrote articles. They earn pennies. Literally everyone, not just beginners. For a penny, they agree to the harm that they bring. That's the whole point.

  3. First, you should understand such concepts as” copywriting “and”rewriting”. Copywriting is the creation of original(!) texts using reputable sources and the intellectual potential of a copywriter. And rewriting is the so-called “generation of secondary texts” or, in other words, a retelling tailored to a particular audience. These destinations are also paid for differently. Today, work on the Internet has acquired a special significance and text is one of the main products of freelancers and other Internet tramps, the demand for which is growing every day. So let's respect the work of others, the fruits of which we enjoy daily. We are all great fellows )

  4. You confuse copywriting as a serious profession with rewriting dull texts for dull websites. In the first case, it is pure creativity, very exciting and very multifaceted work with good pay, in the second-the path to despondency and depression. Real copywriting is no worse than creating commercials or developing a cool design. This is pure creativity.

  5. For me, the main thrill of working as a copywriter is learning new things. Before writing a text, I read a lot of sources. If the text is informational , I will look for reliable sources on this topic. If they are difficult to write, it's okay, I'll figure it out and tell those who need this information so that even my first-grader son will understand. I expanded my horizons and gave others the information they needed in the most accessible form.

    With selling texts, interest in something else is a puzzle. What task does the product solve for the audience? If the main goal of the product is health or disease prevention, and I know that the audience wanted to put it on health and will never go to the doctor until it comes up – how can I solve this problem? How do I present product information in such a way that the target audience is interested? How do I build a text? What should be displayed on the first screen so that the text is read to the end?

    Copywriting is an interesting job and unlimited access to information. Moreover, here you are paid to study information and work with your head. It's awesome.

    As for SEO copywriting, it's no longer the same as it was five years ago, when you had to put “buy big teddy bears” ten times in a page of text. The algorithm has changed, and the quality of texts has improved. Maybe the site owners have finally realized that buying texts on exchanges for 30 rubles per kiloznak means you are guaranteed to get a low-content trash site.

    SEO promotion in general is slowly dying, which I personally am happy about. You won't believe it, but it also annoys me when instead of meaningful texts on the request, I get poorly written content, the author of which did not bother either to understand the terminology, or even to place commas correctly.

    And let's still remember that copywriters are not necessarily freelancers, and, moreover, not necessarily text exchanges (I would not call these copywriters at all, they spoil the whole reputation of the profession).

  6. The more meaningless texts – the closer we are to victory over the dictates of the language!

    But seriously, a) not everyone's meaning of life is connected with work, especially with work in the current position, and not in some future ideal one, which a person can achieve through promotion or finding a better place (if you think about it this way, then what is the meaning of the life of an ad poster?); b) a copywriter may well feel satisfaction from a job well done (that is, by producing a competent and readable text that meets all the requirements).

  7. I have relatively little experience in copywriting, but the tasks I worked with were very enjoyable. For example, write a column for another person in a good business publication. A person can be a great specialist in their field, but they are not able or do not have time to write a high-quality coherent text. I help turn his thoughts into fascinating reading material in the format of a particular publication; at the same time, I learn something new about his field of activity. This is a pleasant, mind-expanding activity.

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