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  1. The life of being is yours or whose? The existence of the universe has no subjective meaning. Everything that is man-made makes sense, the rest you can only build attempts and if God willing you will get Eureka, then roll up in judgments and maybe invent something.

  2. The meaning of being or the ultimate goal of being (after all, a wash is something that happens only in its entirety) — will take place,be fulfilled, remain. Or flourish (to use the Jesus metaphor). At the same time, just as there are people who have not reached their prime, so there are countries whose prime has not happened.: we grow, but we don't mature. But Russia has a promising future.

  3. In being. Because being is, and non-being is not. Being presupposes possibilities, including the possibility of ceasing to be, and non-being does not presuppose any possibilities, including the possibility of asking the meaning of the impossible.

  4. Everyone determines the meaning of their existence for themselves. It depends on your life position and principles. For example, if you believe in the Buddha, then you adhere to Buddhism. If you are a Christian, then you believe in God and live as the holy Scriptures teach.

    This is how you define your meaning of being and stick to it.

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