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  1. The most common view is that the physical body is a vessel for the soul. This idea is especially common in traditional societies, where the body stores the soul, shadow, and spirit. A vivid example: already in the Paleolithic, they punched a hole in the skull of the deceased so that the soul could fly away. And in Egypt, they put a mask with a portrait and large eyes on a mummified body so that the soul could return to its physical owner. She explained it crookedly, but somehow.

  2. If you are not a physical body in itself, but something that is contained in it, as in a certain shell, then the question arises: what is you? As long as there is no such answer, there is no subject over which forms of existence one can speculate, and therefore it is impossible to consider the reasons why this subject exists in one form or another, whether it exists inside the physical body or something else. At the moment, your question is an equation with two unknowns.

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