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  1. Animal behavior is usually cited as “altruistic suicide.” For example, during an attack on an anthill, some ants can use their bodies to block passages into the anthill, thereby preventing enemies from entering it. Traditionally, this is explained by the fact that an individual sacrifices himself for the sake of preserving the genetic material as a whole, that is, it is not a single individual that is important, but a certain genetic line.

    In human behavior, this is usually associated with moral attitudes, for example, a person covers a grenade with his body so that there is one victim, and not several.

  2. With no sense of continuing to exist, suicide may seem like the only way out.
    The point of such a suicide is to want to regain this loss, or to renounce it in any way.
    There is another type of such act – this is a forced suicide in order to preserve their ideas of honor. For example, in combat operations, in order not to be captured, to preserve secret information, the honor of the uniform, to save your comrades.
    The desire to avoid shame or harsh punishment can also lead to altruistic suicide.

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