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  1. The main idea is to affirm the true values of human existence. The sensory perception of the world characteristic of children, and reasonable perception – the prerogative of adults, firmly rooted in the world of their own created rules, often ridiculous even from the point of view of reason.

    The Little Prince's stay on Earth corresponds to the idea of a person's spiritual growth, learning to be friends and love, care for others and understand them.

    The relationship between the Little Prince and the Rose is an allegorical representation of love and the difference in its perception by a man and a woman. Capricious but beautiful Rose manipulates her lover until she loses her power over him. Gentle, timid, the Little Prince suffers cruelly from the frivolity of the beauty, not immediately realizing that it was necessary to love her not for words, but for deeds – for the wonderful fragrance that she gave him.

    Seeing five thousand Roses on Earth, a space traveler becomes desperate. He was almost disappointed in his flower, but the Fox who met him on the way explains to the hero long-forgotten truths: that you need to look with your heart, not with your eyes, and be responsible for those who have been tamed.

    The image of a Fox is a symbol of friendship. In his understanding, a friend is someone who fills his life with meaning: destroys boredom, allows you to see the beauty of the world around you.�

    The role of fairy-tale monsters is played by adults, whom the author places each on his own planet, as if under a magnifying glass showing their essence. The desire for power, ambition, drunkenness, love of wealth – the most characteristic features of adults. Exupery's common vice is a life devoid of meaning.

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