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  1. I assume you are referring to the film “Exam” (“Exam”, 2009)

    A good movie always has a lot of meaning. Everyone chooses their own. For me personally, it was a kind of satire on life on the principle of “Won-Lost”. This is when people see the world as a pie (limited resource): the more you get, the less I get. Hence competition, conflicts, and wars. In any strict hierarchy system, such conflicts occur. In this case, who gets the seat? People, blinded by the fear that they will get less than others, do not notice the possibilities of synergy, make mistakes. In the case of this film, they were not able to really understand the task, although the answer was “on the surface”. And, of course, this is a satire not only on people who are distraught in the struggle for resources, but also on those who set up this “experiment”, playing on people's weaknesses. That's the point – if you are offered a game, think about what rules you play by, and who set these rules. Think with your head.

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