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  1. I'll copy my answer from another question:

    Morality is a language. No one specifically came up with the idea of calling a table a table, so it has developed over many thousands of years. And if you call a table a chair, no one understands you.

    Morals are rules of conduct. “Behave in such a way that your behavior can be a universal law.” A moral that does not satisfy this rule is not a moral at all.

    Morality is a value that is valuable in itself. This seems counterintuitive, but it can be easily demonstrated. Let's say we say that A is bad. If we ask why A is bad and answer “because B”, then A is not bad in itself, but bad B. Why is B bad? This regression to infinity can only be stopped arbitrarily, by defining a certain value as a value in itself. In bad, because bad, period. If you don't have values, then you don't look like a person at all.

    Morality is an image of the desired future. By offering people a different moral, you are offering them a different future. And this future should be better than the present and presented in a language that they can understand (see point 1). I can explain to people why it would be better to reduce the amount of violence and aggression. Do you want to explain the opposite to them? Try.

    An expanded presentation of these theses can be found in the text at the link: https://link.medium.com/huciuoTxmR

  2. Morality (real, not fictional) is a reflection of the divine law that underlies the world. It is absolute and unchangeable: do good, fight evil. Now much is being done to replace it with a harmful surrogate, slyapannym on the knee

  3. Morality is determined by the laws of society; if there is a universal innate morality, it covers only primitive aspects, which can later be replaced by a more developed model of morality (see Mark Hauser-Morality and Reason). These laws can be tacit or flexible, depending on the situation. They are morals, as long as you are in the legal field of these laws-for their compliance or violation, you can get rewards, or censure from society. Morals vary depending on the society.

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