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  1. Understand one simple thing: ANY sale has a subjective value. There is no such thing as objective value.

    What seems to you (and to me too) to be a scam and a sucker's divorce – fortune-telling, photo healing, etc. – for a significant number of people are the meaning of their lives, and they are ready to give their last shirt for receiving the “results” of these processes.�

    Judging from the point of view of” morality ” those people who sell it is just as hopeless as those who buy it. This is just a special, specific ” market – and in any market, as you know, two fools “)

  2. No morals. There are enough scammers in any field (left-wing legal cantors, groups that process pensioners, pseudo teachers, doctors who knowingly make a false diagnosis and heal to a real illness, psychologists who put a person on visits, etc.). There are real witches/magicians and they work magically, you can change literally everything, they are good helpers for improving any sphere of life. And no one forces you to believe it. Everyone lives their own ideas and is not always ready to go beyond them. As for fraud in this area, it is large-scale: left reviews, hacked accounts to distribute the same reviews, processing people to pull money, and then even threats of damage if a person demands to return what they spent without getting a result. Always and at all times there were people who go over their heads to achieve the goal. This may include business partners and immediate family members. Such people are not afraid of the consequences. And they start thinking about their actions only when life is beating so hard that it is impossible to get up. No matter who you turn to, you should not blindly trust, but check, look at the result, and follow the development of events. And if something is confusing, then say no in time to both yourself and the person you no longer want to work with. And for me, it is more terrible for those who, without any morality, order friends, relatives, colleagues, competitors (i.e., these are people from the social circle) damage and other rubbish, when entire companies and families fall apart, and people wither before our eyes. Again, you are not forced to believe this, but no amount of skepticism, psychology, or going to churches can save you from such things.

  3. I would not consider all of them scammers of pure water, because if you were raised in this environment, with a small outlook, under the influence of certain ideas, and if they are difficult or almost impossible to refute, then they will seem true to you. Therefore, there are shamans, sorcerers, and so on. those who grew up in a family where this kind of activity was considered a tradition, passed down from generation to generation.�

    The moral of all people is simple-to live life. Someone is chasing fame, someone is chasing wealth, and so on. These people are no exception.

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