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  1. Inadequate thinking does not develop. It is inherent in a person initially and is based on his unconditional biological reflexes. But animal thinking and behavior are unacceptable in the social environment in which modern man lives – which is why Jung called man a ” crazy animal.”

    That is, inadequate thinking is a consequence of the collision of animal stereotypes in the social environment.

    Jung showed that man has two ways – either to return to the animal, or to become something more than a man. The idea of overcoming the “human” in oneself was developed by many, including Nietzsche.

    The solution is to develop the right cognitive skills. They allow you to control not only your animal stereotypes (that is, “overcome the beast”), but also social stereotypes (that is, “overcome the person”).

    The next step, apparently, is to overcome one's own intellectual stereotypes – that is, to reach a transcendental level of worldview. So far, only a few people in human history have been able to do this. We stock up on popcorn and wait…

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