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  1. Boredom. There is a slightly lower emotion : “disinterest”. The goal was not reached, and the movement towards it was stopped. Now the goal is to ferment, find entertainment. If you don't like the condition, make lists of your friends and family and their goals and feelings for others. Write by hand on paper. Don't be sad, but the state of disgust for people was borrowed from one of them… or book and movie characters. You can continue to wear it, but it would be better to be able to throw it off, so as not to get stuck for a long time – physical sores will develop. Not immediately. Do not forget to organize, if possible, proper sleep and nutrition. Please do not rely on drugs and pills – after them, without them, the condition will worsen, you will get hooked. An adventure, of course, but is it necessary?

  2. I will answer a year later, the condition you describe resembles misanthropy, that is, dislike.
    social phobia is exactly a fear
    that is in any case not good, I advise you to contact a specialist
    good luck to you ♡

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