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  1. A legalist.�

    A conformist is not suitable, because this is someone who always follows the prevailing opinion, and not the rules. These are two different things: you can follow the rules against the prevailing opinion and follow the prevailing opinion, ignoring the rules.

    Law-abiding also seems appropriate, but it usually applies only to the law, to state laws. The rules are also of a different nature.

  2. Pedant. A person who does not go beyond the established rules, accurately adheres to them and recommends to others that they also adhere to them. That's the perfect word for it

  3. I think the term law-abiding conformist is quite appropriate. Law-abiding – because it follows the rules and does not go beyond the framework, and conformist, because since the framework is constantly changing, it changes with them.

    P.S. The term is unscientific, but it fits your description perfectly

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