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  1. I will probably copy my entire text here about the meaning of life, which is based on Zen:

    Why do people care about the meaning of life?

    Because this is the main question. Life is fraught with suffering and accidents, which may not depend at all on the will of a person. If something serious happens, like an incurable illness or the death of a loved one, it is reasonable to ask: why should I go through all this?

    It is not surprising that this question does not lose its freshness, because the suffering continues, and people need to understand well what they live for. Constantly suffering is not a good prospect, but if suffering is meaningless, such a life will be like hell.

    Who wants to live in hell?

    A good example of an attempt to answer the question of meaning is Leo Tolstoy's “Confessions”, in which he described his struggle with meaninglessness and the painful search for the meaning of life. This is interesting, because one of the greatest writers in the history of literature, at the height of his fame, family happiness, and financial well-being, was afraid to go into the barn one night with a rope or a gun and commit suicide.
    He was afraid because he no longer saw the meaning in everything that he had, including the fact of his existence.

    This is a good example of the fact that value and meaning are not contained in the material things themselves, regalia, achievements, fame, etc. It does not matter how many of these benefits there are, if the meaning of possession is not defined. And it should be determined by everyone who is hungry for success in life, so as not to fall into this trap, when everything is there, but it is not clear why it is needed.

    During this period, it was incredibly difficult for Tolstoy to create a single argument in defense of life and its attendant extravagances. But it was good to criticize and complain – nothing human is alien to geniuses. But in the end, the writer defeated his dragon and survived.

    Tolstoy overcame the crisis of meaning not at all because at some point he got bored with thinking and decided that there was no meaning in life and there was nothing to think about. Such questions do not let go if they are put seriously-this is not idle entertainment for the mind, but an urgent need to choose between continuing life and its early end.

    Therefore, you should not believe too much people who say that there is no meaning in life.

    It doesn't matter how well educated they are or how strong arguments they use to express this idea. The idea of relativity of everything must be properly understood, otherwise it can become a real curse.

    Because in the worst case, relativity is the absence of a difference between life and death, if life does not have a specific meaning. And sometimes people can get so lost in the complexity of what's happening that they can't see the difference.

    I have been practicing psychotherapy for two years and I can say that the meaning of life is crucial in determining something like “psychological health”. No one comes to therapy who knows exactly what to do next. This confusion can be rooted in the darkest corners of your personality.

    And often it begins with the fact that it becomes difficult for a person to understand the meaning of the suffering that has befallen him. Because if you're in a lot of pain, you might want to get it over with as quickly as possible, and you won't say something like, “well, that doesn't make sense, okay, that's okay, I'll have some tea.” Just not at the moment when your life is falling apart and the ground is falling out from under your feet.

    So do not refuse qualified help – some dragons are very difficult to defeat alone. And most of the characters have a guide who tells them what to do – and the therapist often performs this shamanic function in the modern world.

    So I tell you – values and goals determine the meaning of life. You need to look around and find something in the world that will make life worthwhile, despite all the trials and hardships that will be along the way. Without meaning, all this will quickly become unbearable.

    Nietzsche said: if a person has a “why”, he can bear any “how”.

    Meaning gives you the strength to cope with the tragedy of life. So this is really important.

    Life has meaning. And the more it is, the higher the chances of living with dignity. And even sometimes accept happiness on your doorstep.

    If you have lost your sense of meaning and want to get a free consultation-go to the chat.

  2. If you think about it a bit, the question is completely illogical. Even from the point of view of everyday life. In the same way, you can reformulate:

    1. What is the point of drinking water, because after some time we are thirsty again
    2. What's the point of waking up if you go back to sleep in the evening?
    3. Why eat if you're hungry again later

    Most of our actions are cyclical and we do them simply because it allows us to live until the next cycle begins. The brain rewards us with pleasant feelings for actions that allow us to live another day, transfer genes, etc.

    But the key question in this phrase is most likely-What is the point of doing something if it does not remain in the world forever? But here the answer is quite simple-nothing lasts forever. Generally a beautiful phrase from movies “His(the main character's) achievements will never be forgotten” and such a phrase is, of course, only a literary exaggeration. Everything that has ever been said will be forgotten, everything that has ever been created in the physical world will be reduced to dust. Therefore, to seek meaning in an attempt to leave something eternal is doomed to failure initially.

    And now the main answer to the question – there is no meaning in life if you want to leave your contribution in eternity. But if you do not have such a task, then the meaning of life is in life itself. No one asked us if we wanted to live, we were just released into this world by the decision of our parents (or without their decision, but by chance: -). And we continue to live, as we are programmed to do, and still enjoy the things I mentioned above (food, sex, getting new information, laughter). This is the ” meaning”, it's just so banal that people don't want to see it)

  3. Of course, any person who is constantly learning about life gives different answers to this question at different periods of time, even to himself.

    Someone stops at the banal “Apartment-car and dacha in addition” with variations on the theme of performance, but for someone this is not enough.

    Some begin to think in terms of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.

    All knowledge, according to Kant, begins with experience, but is not limited to it. There is knowledge that certainly does not depend on experience – a priori knowledge. Human knowledge initially contains pure a priori judgments. Empirical knowledge is singular and incomplete, while a priori knowledge is universal and necessary. It should be noted that only the forms of knowledge are a priori, while the content comes from experience. Pre-experimental forms are not innate, but have their own history. That is, the meaning of Kantian a priorism is that when we begin to know, we have certain forms of knowledge that have developed before us.

    Someone (particularly me) comes to the point of Socrates ' dictum “I know I don't know anything. But many people don't even know that.”

    As a result, logically speaking, only by the age of 40-45 does a person get enough knowledge to make a full-fledged judgment about the World.

    On life, therefore, remains from 20 to 30 years (on average).

    It turns out very inefficient from the point of view of efficiency. Two-thirds of our lives we learn!

    But doesn't this mean that we are actually learning for a “different life”?

    It turns out that the meaning of life is to accumulate the baggage that we will need after the death of the physical body, because according to the law of conservation of energy, and information is also energy, it does not go anywhere.

    The more we know, the easier it will be.

  4. What's the point of living? Good question. If a child asks it to his parents, he will probably get an answer like ” you need to live in order to leave your mark on the earth in the form of offspring, knowledge, significant deeds for society, etc. But if the question is asked by an adult, then apparently the answer should not be so simple and generalized. If the question is asked by an adult, then most likely it is a question of a screen (mask), behind which lie some life difficulties, unresolved problems that led to the depreciation of life. We need to deal with these problems and when they are solved, the attitude to life will change. As a rule, the lost sense of being and the meaning of living returns.

  5. Humanity will not die out. Nature creates everything much more far-sighted and wiser and more economical and optimal than the unfortunate people think about themselves and their future and about Nature…

  6. Because there is a chance not to die out. This is what makes humanity unique – this chance. That is, you can achieve the intellectual development of preserving a species that is doomed by nature to extinction. This chance is low, but it's worth a try.

  7. What makes you think that? Man has already been to the moon – and that is only some ten thousand years of civilization. Compare it with four billion years of life on Earth in general, and a lot of things will become clear.

  8. Not the fact that the civilization will die out. Already in the foreseeable future (with our children or grandchildren), intelligent robots will appear, after a while they will begin to reproduce themselves, and in a few more decades (1-2 centuries) they will embark on a path of independent evolution. The transition will be smooth, through cyborgs. A new race of iron men will settle on the planets of the Solar system, and in a million years will colonize the Galaxy. It is hard to imagine that the pan-galactic civilization can “die out”.

  9. The meaning of life, in fact, is impossible to know with your own mind. You constantly ask yourself questions – why, why, why is the world so organized? But at some point, the inner work begins. You start to see the world differently. It is possible that you have been bothering someone up there with such questions for a long time. You begin to feel the life inside you, which has no connection with the body, it is inside the body. A person begins to study literature about the inner life, about the invisible world. And here a very important factor is to turn your gaze to the One who created everything, and not to those who get under your feet and confuse. Peace to all.

  10. Oh, these crises and the meaning of being. We make our own life meaningful. Now that you're here. Jung wrote. Not a person asks himself what the meaning of life is, but life asks us, and we give it the answer with our life.

  11. These are truly peremptory statements!

    Will humanity die out? Who said that? Dinosaurs lived for 150 million years, and we haven't even reached half a million yet. Compared to dinosaurs, we have an eternity ahead of us.; -)

    No less dubious is the claim that the universe will not notice the disappearance of humans. What if the universe only exists in our imagination, eh?; -)

  12. Most people are least interested in the limited existence of the universe. The most natural unit of time for a person is the life he has lived. A person lives by the fact of birth, obeying instincts aimed at ensuring the existence of the genus. More or less advanced individuals manage to bring color to their lives, get a lot of emotions from it, even get high! It's silly to think about the finiteness of being while making love or spending time with friends at the holiday table.

    Live and you will be rewarded!

  13. The one who gave up in advance and lives with the psychology of the loser will die out. With the ideology of “learned helplessness”.

    More active and persistent will fight for their survival and the survival of their descendants. The human mind is a sophisticated tool for solving complex and unusual tasks for survival. And there are always people who are ready to go to the end. Not everyone will succeed. But there will also be winners.

    And the meaning of life is to spread life all over the universe.

  14. Objectively, there is no meaning to life naturally, it's just a metabolism. A person has to bring meaning and there will be no meaning outside of a person. But there is a curious work by E. Ilyenkov “Cosmology of Spirit”, in which he writes something like this: if matter is able to generate consciousness in one part of the universe in a certain period of time, then even if consciousness disappears in this part of the universe, then there will be a possibility of its occurrence in another part and at another time, that is, the universe is “charged” with It is interesting that this is written by a Marxist-materialist, of course, I read this work a long time ago, about 20 years ago, but the idea then struck me, it looks like an anthropic principle, according to which the universe needs an observer. Therefore, it is still unknown whether our existence will affect the universe or not 😉 Or at least we're flattered to think so. The bottom line is that if we reveal the meaning of life, it will immediately disappear ) – think about it.

  15. The meaning of humanity is to improve consciousness. The simple development of a person in what he likes will already be a good meaning in life. And so you can create, create, love and live happiness every day.

  16. Humanity appeared evolutionarily, due to a certain process that leads to a constant complication of matter, having come a long way from proton gas, which served as the material for the formation of the Sun, to a person, i.e., an active consciousness with a will – and then to society.

    Naturally, then a person is waiting for some next evolutionary step.

    How will it end?

    Formally, there are two options:

    We may not generate the next stage of evolution. In this case, it is very likely that we will become extinct. But, after some time, there will be a re-entry to this level of evolution of some new carrier of consciousness, with a new paradigm of the world in mind.

    Or we will create the next stage of evolution (and according to our observations, we have already created it, human consciousness has already found a way to become more complex, and the probability that this complexity will not develop is extremely low).

    This will continue (possibly with repeated rollbacks to previous levels) until the capabilities of an evolving person cover the boundaries of the universe. After that, we will “hatch” like a chicken from an egg, from its shell.

    Where-God only knows.

  17. each person lives for achievements in his life, for inner satisfaction, for the knowledge of his inner world and his self, one person eats in order to eat, and the other to live, and so with the whole world you can achieve something, or you can get to the bottom and so remain useless to anyone. Meaning is difficult to find, but nothing is impossible, you must always get to know yourself from the inside, study your preferences and make your own choice without relying on someone else's opinion, I said it all)

  18. What can we say for humanity if we ourselves are mortal? Given the fate of the dinosaurs, we can assume that humanity will meet the same fate. After all, the solar system doesn't last forever, and neither does our Galaxy.

    However, do we have any other choice? Science fiction writers offer options, but they are hardly feasible. It remains for us to live our short years successfully, give birth to children, wait for grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren, and hope that their lives will work out. That's all we can do…

  19. There is an opinion that the universe/God through us (and not only), as through some foci of attention, knows and realizes itself.

    At the same time, scientists are increasingly saying that no information disappears without a trace.

    So, the point, apparently, is to know and realize yourself as a part of a single whole, which does not disappear anywhere even after someone's physical death.

  20. In the book “Crabs on the island”, in my opinion, a wonderful answer) Yes, humanity will die out, and this will not change, but now people have come close to the development of artificial intelligence, capable of developing independently and producing their own kind, improving themselves and their functionality, etc. In my opinion, leaving artificial intelligence as a legacy is an ideal solution. It is quite likely that AI will also learn feelings, create its own culture and not let die what humanity has put an end to in its long, fascinating, interesting, touching, but most importantly – damn interesting and insanely diverse history.

  21. But this is not a fact that humanity (or its descendants, possibly modified) will finally die out. After all, look – life in the universe has existed for at least billions of years (this is only a precisely established period, but most likely it existed before, and how much is unknown). This incredible vitality of life suggests that life can overcome other cataclysms in the universe. And not just life, but intelligent life. In what form life will continue, it is not yet known, perhaps the descendants of humans will be biorobots.

  22. I won't answer the question itself. Don't know.

    Only time, in my opinion, has nothing to do with it. Meaning and time are not comparable; neither are meaning and distance.

    For example, what is the point of drinking if you are far from the Sahara? No one is even jealous. =))

  23. First, it is not yet a fact that humanity will die out. Secondly, everything will not disappear even with the death of humanity. You can leave information. Send satellites to all the ends of the universe with it and someone will get it and use it. And we do not yet know the limits of human development. Perhaps there will be contacts with other civilizations and joint associations.

  24. In fact, this is from Ecclesiastes, or rather from the narrative that drove people into the herd (this is the homeland and faith in God), at the dawn of civilization. The meaninglessness of life, it hurts.

    But this is only the first gesture of reason, an understanding of the causal relationship of phenomena, followed immediately by the infinity of the past and future and wild pessimism. People are climbing the wall… Even whales are washed ashore en masse, suicide.

    But… any event of reality, not only physical, turns out to be composed not by a simple sequence of facts (there are no such things), but by combining at least 7 circumstances. Min. in three dimensions. This is a barrier for the mind and life, as it turns out. Before that, people die for the inadequacy of their ideas and reactions.

    With the birth of consciousness, a person acquires a new grandiose wealth of life, sensual wealth and it is not limited, beyond the animal syndrome…. Although you can stay there, serve the priest and the motherland, this is what Ecclesiastes gave you, and then the priest and the bug.

  25. Perhaps in relationships with people for the sake of improvement. You will meet exactly the right person in your life. which you and he need for the right word that can change fate, or for the right action. You will experience those sorrows and sufferings . which you are able to experience for the strength of the spirit and the opportunity to help others, as well as the joy you will experience as much as necessary for your energy. Therefore, the meaning of life is in evolution, learning to be strong and smart. useful, so that you are born from the same people around whom life is harmonious and useful to the planet.

  26. If humanity is going to die out anyway, and we are, according to the theory of evolution, just highly developed animals, then the only point is that, as one hero said, ” to live life so that later it will not be painful for the aimlessly lived years.” In our time, another idea has become popular (it is, however, as old as the world): learn to enjoy life.

    Well, if you believe the Bible (and I have reason to believe that it is God's book), then God created us for a specific purpose. And He has a purpose and plan for each of us. And by the way, the goals that He has for us include both enjoying life and a certain vocation.

  27. There is no sense in the existence of a biological being. There is only a survival program, which some people take for meaning.

    Life itself is only a means.

    At the level of a human – biological being, you can't find meaning, because it's not there. There are attempts to create a temporary meaning – to wait for death without suffering and with some degree of pleasure. Those who are not satisfied with this are invited to leave the memory for posterity.

    Then what is the meaning on another, spiritual level?

    To understand it, you need to be at this level. I don't use the terms higher and lower, because there is no such thing. If we want to understand something, then we should not resort to evaluation.

    What is this other-spiritual level? And how to get there?

    The response format is not intended for a detailed presentation, so it is simple and simplified. The spiritual is not something separate or higher, it is ourselves, something that exists outside of our physical shell. Everyone can feel it in themselves, it is from there that questions about meaning arise, and not because of depression. As the sense of the spiritual in oneself increases (there are practices for this), there will be a return to oneself, a sense of oneself, and the question of meaning will become clearer. As soon as you become clear about yourself, the answer about meaning will be found.

    This way, no one will find the answer about meaning for you. This can only be done by ourselves, through practical actions aimed at returning to ourselves (we are not talking about a psychological state). Look not for an answer about meaning-look for yourself!

  28. How can it not be reflected if a person is part of the Universe?

    Moreover, the most highly developed part of it.

    Stars, galaxies, and planets are much simpler than humans.

    They are already largely studied and predictable, and part of the Universe-a person is still far from understanding.

  29. From the point of view of dry science, life as a mode of existence of biological bodies has no purpose. Natural selection does not seek to achieve a specific type of each life form – it cannot know what conditions on the planet will be in the future – it is sharpened only to select the best adapted to the surrounding conditions right now. And this program is written in the genes themselves. It's not even a goal, but a law of nature like the law of conservation of energy, if you will.
    Everything we see in nature – from viruses and bacteria to humans-tries to achieve only one thing: to reproduce and pass on their genes. Genes contain all the information about what each species (hamster or human) will look like, how it will develop, eat, and reproduce. And even the power of instincts, which will be regulated by hormones, the ratio of which is also written in the genes. Roughly speaking, it's the genes that are trying to survive, not the individual who carries them. And the probability of survival (and the individual and, accordingly, the genes) depends on whether the individual can reproduce. This is a stretch to call the “purpose” of genes to continue living.
    This goal manifests itself in a person's life in the instinct to continue the race, to preserve their own and their children's lives, to seek the best sexual partners from the point of view of healthy offspring. BUT IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. What's the point of breeding if everyone dies sooner or later? Well, you raised your children, they gave birth to their own, raised them and died just like you. What's next? The circle is complete.
    And so. I would answer this: life has a purpose-to continue itself. This is true in bacteria, butterflies, hamsters, and humans. But only a person can fill his life with MEANING. Look at any animal – it doesn't care about the meaning of its existence at all. It just lives and enjoys life. And this is not enough for people, they want their actions to mean something. This is possible thanks to the intelligence and more developed than the animals ' self-consciousness and social relations. Some people see the meaning of life in being a volunteer and helping others. Someone is interested in writing books or music. Someone become a military man and defend their homeland. Some people do not see the meaning in life at all. Without meaning in life, he does not understand what he is doing here, why he was born. Science today explains HOW and WHY life began on the planet. But only the person himself, each for himself, will be able to find his own meaning in life, what exactly to fill it with, WHAT he lives for. Each according to their own interests. In other words, it's just a kind of activity in life, a hobby. Life itself on the planet as a way of existence of protein bodies does not make sense in principle.

  30. Not only will humanity disappear, but the Earth will burn up, and the Sun will go out, and our entire galaxy will someday (already united with Andromeda) cease to exist. Nothing lasts forever, everything will disappear sometime. On a universal scale, there is no meaning not only in your life, but in everything that happens on our small planet and in our small star system. There will be a nuclear war tomorrow, all life on Earth will die – on the scale of the galaxy, this is an insignificant event.

  31. You're wrong!.. Any process has a plan B, especially if it takes place in the plane of the mind. Well, like the right to choose, because if there is no choice reason (reasonableness) it loses all meaning and becomes a fiction. In addition, the Lord God probably read Exupery, and, in particular, probably knows his phrase that we are responsible for those who have been taught.

    And one last thing. I picked up a kitten on the street a couple of days ago and now I will never throw it out on the street. I understand that the kitten is not the universe you were talking about, but still… In short, maybe the Lord God is also merciful, eh? :))

  32. I eat grapes. What's the point? Like.

    I like to compare everything with sex. Would I ask someone what the point of my sex is? Or does it matter to me who thinks what-just about my feelings in my sex?

    The point of pudding is to eat it.

  33. there is no point-don't live.what problems.someone is here at all as part of the landscape…to make something manifest, you need a background…there are bound to be people without any meaning at all.just like people with the deepest meaning.and the meaning of humanity can be seen against the background of another humanity.how does each personality stand out against the background of other personalities

  34. The point is to improve yourself, the world around you, and your life, i.e. your relationship with the world around you. This is evolution. Not in making mistakes, i.e. falls, but in creating ups and downs, in developing the world. If you make a mistake, i.e. worsen the state of the world or any part of it, then it will make you worse. The meaning of life is to increase the pleasure and joy of life.

  35. I tried to find the meaning of life in religion, business, family, helping people. Nothing worked.

    I realized that any particular purpose in life is fragile.

    Anything can happen — circumstances will destroy your diligence, illness, or you will simply change your mind and then the meaning of life will change. So you don't need to search for a certain meaning for life. You can have a dozen meanings and change them depending on the stage of life.

    Of course, there are some people who work on one goal all their lives and are very successful. But here's what we don't see behind their success: dedication, frustration, loss of energy, other people's influence, and a gradual change in purpose. It seems to us that their goal has always been the same, although in reality it has changed smoothly.

    We overestimate the meaning of life.

    Don't limit yourself to just one goal. Try it out, experiment, and find what works for you.

    I found what works for me: engagement and fun.

    I wrote 7 articles about this in my blog. Velkam.

  36. Is there a global meaning?

    If someone doesn't find it and denies it, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

    Many preferred to be satisfied with local meaning (skill development, procreation, pleasure seeking) rather than an unsuccessful search for global meaning.

    According to science, everything must have a reason, and so must the reason for its existence. That is why its search is so important for us, but it is useless without an answer to the main question.

    This is a question about myself – who am I?

    Not a reproductive animal (continuation of the genus is eliminated).

    Not only “consciousness” – it is too abstract and does not answer the question.

    Who am I – my essence? Then it will become clear why we are here on Earth.

    And the answer is in itself, not in words, but in awareness.

  37. Man is an eternal being in principle, that is, as a certain phase of the universe, without which it has no meaning. The planet enters this phase – a person appears, multiplies, settles, spreads, goes into space, flies to other planets… As soon as the mother planet comes out of this phase, the person will immediately disappear from it, but will continue to exist on other planets that are in the human phase. Something like that.

  38. In this case, I prefer the idea of one writer that God created the World with everything that exists together with man, wanting the materiality of the embodiment of all Universal energies, and in fact, I also believe that we live here on Earth to live this life experiencing the pallitra of all feelings.

  39. You're talking strangely. Simultaneously global and petty, about the universe and humanity. Man is one of the forms of biological diversity and the only one, at least in our system, who can develop and accumulate extensive knowledge. But it is knowledge that is the most valuable product, sorry for the cynicism. Our knowledge is stored in the universal mind. By the way, you can get them from there, but for this you need to be quite finely organized. And, ironically, don't need that knowledge. For example, this could be done by yogis who have achieved enlightenment. thus, the meaning of our development is to gain and accumulate knowledge. Perhaps the next time a new humanity is created, it will be shielded from the approach of discovering certain areas.

  40. The essence lies in the biological predisposition of the DNA of all living things on Earth, including humans, to reproduce, passing through obstacles in the form of other living organisms trying to survive and reproduce in the same way. The rest of life is a path to reproduction, or its deviation.

  41. The land on which we live is not the place of LIFE, the meaning of which is a question. Our home and our life do not take place here, and not everyone can return there right away. Here we are at work, working on understanding ourselves, our inner world, which, in fact, is ourselves. Everything else, all our earthly “achievements”, they are not the goal of life, but only the means that many, unfortunately, cannot use.

  42. I advise you to read Schopenhauer's article ” Death and its relation to the indestructibility of our being in itself.” The universe, humanity – these are the thoughts that will disappear from the individual when he dies. And what's left? Read it.

  43. The biological meaning of life is to reproduce and capture more territory.
    If we talk about a person, then here you can not do purely biology. Here you need to think. The meaning of one person's life is what he will invent for himself. What goals he will set for himself, what dream he will choose. And it is better not to limit yourself. Dream a lot!
    There are a lot of things that I would like from life!
    In general, my meaning is just to live. Be happy, sad, learn new things, learn, get new interesting experiences, see new places.))

  44. It's simple: the meaning is in self-development, in gaining life experience, in creating and enjoying something cool and cool. Yes, the body is mortal, even the entire universe is mortal, but there is something immortal – our soul. It is for the sake of it, its development, and it is worth living. After death, the universe will be created anew, and the incarnations of souls and their lives will continue again. This process is endless.

  45. The postulates are wrong, or at least not proven.

    Humanity may well not become extinct (although it will probably change a lot in the end). In fact, it cannot be ruled out that the very fate of the universe will depend on its intelligent inhabitants. If modern planetary humanity has some noticeable impact on the planet, then galactic humanity will definitely have an impact on the galaxy – and this is not the limit.

  46. A real person is a living thing that plants need

    such as it is-eating, eating, breeding…

    however, doing this is not the same as them, but otherwise –

    to support the” metabolism ” in nature..

    accordingly, every real person needs real people

    such as it is-feeling, thinking, acting…

    but the one who does this is not exactly as they do, but for the sake of all living things –

    more effective: using information about their actions..

    From the point of view of my philosophy, the time of life for a person –

    this is an opportunity to be useful to other living beings.

  47. Judging by your worldview, you are really in a stalemate.

    Will a person die if they wear out their suit and have to throw it away?

    Each person's achievements – both material and spiritual-are not going anywhere. They are subject to the same law of conservation of energy as any physical and not only system. In order for you to answer your own question, you need to analyze your worldview in order to understand where it came from. From education, propaganda, gossip, from scientific or theological departments. A person, because of a wrong worldview, cannot answer many questions of our existence. And it is possible to explain this existence to him only when he understands and recognizes an alternative worldview. More accurately reflects the processes and phenomena in the universe.

  48. People's opinions may be wrong. You should not take anything for granted without serious evidence and arguments. Only God and His pure devotees are infallible. They are beyond Maya and beyond illusion and delusion. They are great liberated souls who do not have the shortcomings of ordinary people. Their senses are perfect and their minds are unlimited. They are not prone to deceit and never make mistakes. Because they have no false ego. They have understood God and therefore know everything. They are called three kala gya. That is, those who know the past, present, and future. Therefore, their opinion is authoritative. They express the longing of God's Own vision. And the words of God are set forth in the Vedic scriptures. The Bhagavad Gita is the song of God. According to it, the highest meaning of the soul's existence is to attain liberation and develop love and devotion to God. And thanks to this, they will return home to the spiritual world. This is the ultimate meaning. But there are intermediate meanings. These are religiosity, economic development, sense gratification, and liberation. At every stage of life. The temporary meaning changes. For whom it makes sense to get well, for whom it makes sense to get rich, etc. But by and large, the highest meaning is only one for all living beings. The true Self of man is the soul. It doesn't die when the body is destroyed. The eternal baggage of the soul is the stock of piety. 5a Sanskrit. Sukriti. There are different kinds of piety. Karma sukriti, jnana sukriti or bhakti sukriti The first two types of sukriti are material. They can be saved and spent. Bhakti sukriti is spiritual and therefore eternal. It passes with the soul from body to body. And it determines the spiritual and material achievements of a person. If a person is sick and poor, then he has a low stock of karma sukriti. Material piety. Even our small actions matter.they create our karma. Do not think that even the inconspicuous killing of an ant that we stepped on and crushed on will have consequences. The Vedas teach that every effect has its own more perfect and complex cause. Material achievements disappear with the body at the moment of death. Knowledge goes to the subconscious. Material life is like a dream. Like in the movie The Matrix. This is the teaching of Srimad Bhagavatam and Jiva Dharma by Srila Bhaktivinoda thakura. He is not an ordinary person, but he came from the spiritual world.

  49. “To the God of God, to the Caesar of Caesar's things.” A person should not puzzle over why a person lives, what is the point of living, whether it will affect the universe or not. A person should live happily, with joy in his soul. And to do this, you need to improve and win. Choose a particular field of activity and be the strongest in it. Trample on those who prevent you from doing the truth. And you will be happy, as they say.

  50. In the first book of Genesis it is written: “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that creeps upon the earth.” God's plan for people remains the same as it was in the beginning. Why? Because a powerful person like God doesn't need to lie to us. And he tells us in the Bible book of Psalm 89 chapter 34 text: “I will not break my covenant, nor change that which has gone out of my mouth.” This is why I believe that humanity will not die out, because God's plan does not say that all people should die.

  51. The point is to transmit your own dna code: our whole being is not just a person, it's the whole world. We are made up of the same atoms as everything around us, the trees, the air. A person is just one form of existence, like one style of music or one language. Therefore, you need to think not about the very appearance and departure of us, but about the quality of your life, that is, about accepting yourself for who you are. This is the meaning of human existence.

  52. The question is absolutely correct. If the universe has come out of Nothing and will return to Nothing, then no goal in it makes sense – no one cares if a crooked log or a beautiful carved statue is burning in the hearth.

    As a rule, materialists go from a direct answer to a frank play on words-they say that movement is more important than the goal, you need to do something here and now, it is important not to fall into despair, etc.All these are forms of the answer: “There is no goal, so it's better not to think about it, otherwise you can go crazy.”

    In fact, the world was created by God, and He also set a goal for it, from which the meaning of each person's life follows. It is not material achievements that are important, but spiritual ones – first of all, the upbringing of one's spirit. And if it works out – to help in the spiritual growth of others. Only our immaterial part will survive the destruction of the universe, so only its state matters.

  53. The meaning of Human life-Reasonable is the relay race of Reason.

    In this way, a person is categorically different from all other animals, and without Reason, a Person is an ordinary animal.

  54. Life is considered linear and hence such questions. Life is not linear and consciousness is eternal. The goal of life is to raise the level of consciousness from animal needs to higher ones. The rest is like the scenery of a play in which everyone plays a different role.

  55. Humanity will die out, but there are NO units in billions!!! The meaning of Life is to REALIZE the Meaning of Life and begin to Live, returning Eternity to Yourself, and this is the fate of UNITS, theoretically possible for everyone, but the universe does not need EVERYONE.

  56. “It's like dying out,” said the dinosaur. Do not be like an animal, and even prehistoric. You are a human being, a reasonable, modern person. It means a lot. Why such cave fatalism? Humanity does not have to disappear because it has an instinct for self-preservation. Of course, no one is immune from global disasters such as the fall of a huge asteroid to Earth. But even so, humanity has the means to prevent a catastrophe. The collective intelligence of humanity will not allow this. Join the collective mind.

  57. What people have achieved may not matter in the event of a disaster – it will only matter how you have lived.

    Let's take as an example the idea of Fate, which was shared by both the ancient Greeks and Europeans in the Middle Ages. But if for the latter the idea that everything was a foregone conclusion led to paralysis of actions and Will, then for the ancient Greeks the same understanding became the permission to live as richly and boldly as possible, to create beauty and compete with the gods.

    Well, if nothing can be changed anyway, then you can do anything, so you can choose the maximum trajectory of life instead of squalor, right?

    If you think that the planet is going to die, and you don't like it, why not choose the role of a hero, a doer, instead of the role of a passive observer?

    Even when you feel that nothing can be changed, you need to accept responsibility, that it is just a convenient choice for you.

    The blessing and curse of the human being is the freedom of his choice.

  58. to Earth, we are parasites.but they are not noticeable to the universe.like fleas.we saw the ground from the plane window.cars are like matchboxes.but everyone riding in it thinks how significant and important they are..but in fact zilch.all human achievements are only for humanity that would only live more comfortably and at the same time litter the earth and the universe.what have we created -FOR NATURE?

  59. What people have achieved may not matter in the event of a disaster – it will only matter how you have lived.

    Let's take as an example the idea of Fate, which was shared by both the ancient Greeks and Europeans in the Middle Ages. But if for the latter, the idea that everything was a foregone conclusion led to paralysis of actions and Will, then for the ancient Greeks, the same understanding became the permission to create beauty as much as possible and compete with the gods.

    Well, if nothing can be changed anyway, then you can do anything, so you can choose the maximum trajectory of life instead of squalor, right?

    If you think that the planet is going to die, and you don't like it, why not choose the role of a hero, a doer, instead of the role of a passive observer?

    Even when you feel that nothing can be changed, you need to accept responsibility, that it is just a convenient choice for you.

    The blessing and curse of the human being is the freedom of his choice.

  60. What is the meaning of life-is unclear.

    And fuck it to understand it.

    Let's all go back there, back again

    Where mmat gave birth to us.

    So don't worry about the question,

    You won't get an answer.

    Move your nose in the wind,

    And on the road if you're alive! Time no,

    On useful judgments,

    Answers to philosophical torments.

    Life is short, it is instantaneous.

    Live and rejoice my friend!

  61. We were born and live enjoying the fruits of the labors and life of our ancestors, so let our children live and enjoy what we did for them during our lifetime! And the universe? How long it will last, we are not given to know, our task is to extend our life

  62. The meaning of life of everything and everything is the evolution of Consciousness. A person is a part of the Supreme, capable of reaching His level of development during development and self-improvement(it is clear that the Creator will develop “further” or “more” by this time). “All that people have achieved” is an evolutionary level of consciousness that is not directly related to technical achievements. Just technical achievements are what will really disappear and will not matter.

    Thus, I will single out such criteria for the development of consciousness: the development of thinking and the development of the Divine qualities of the Soul ( or character) – patience, love, generosity, mercy, cooperation, the desire to help, and the like. Also, Will is defined as the persistent adherence to principles and values, as well as the rejection of “non-constructive” desires and temptations.

    After all, the most difficult thing in life is to change yourself, give up or change habits and addictions. It is these most “time-consuming” processes that indicate that evolution is the reverse of entropy, which, being a process of randomization or involution, gets “easily and with pleasure”: -).

  63. Do you know the future? From where? Are you sure about that?” 🙂

    Yes, with this approach, humanity will really die out: “everything that does not fight for its existence is inevitably doomed to perish – by the fact of refusing to fight for self-continuation” – an important principle of evolution.

    First of all, in addition to the metaphysical extremes, such as “will die out/will not die out”, in the material world there are still many intermediate options.

    For example, what about the option “change so much that the category 'humanity' becomes inapplicable to who / what humanity will become”?

    Or, let's say, the option “Will die out, but before that it will generate something that will continue the work of humanity – will pass on the evolutionary/civilizational/technological baton of humanity”?

    In addition, science knows cases of erroneous judgments. For example, in physics there was a “theory of the ether”. Where is she now? Does it have a place in modern science? And from this it already follows that the forecast, for example, about the “thermodynamic death of the Universe” may not be justified simply because the theory that predicts it is just as wrong – with the difference that we do not yet know the facts confirming this. But “we don't know” is not the same as “they won't be known to future generations.” Mankind knows cases of forecast errors: in the era of the formation of capitalism, steam engines and heavy industry, people dreamed that in the world of the future they would fly on airships. For a modern person, the airship is a museum exhibit. In the Soviet period, there were dreams of conquering space – the result is a modern reality.

    I mean, it's a mistake to draw far-reaching conclusions based on what else can change repeatedly. Especially when it comes to the topic of the meaning of life. Is the world over? – The apocalypse has been declared repeatedly. According to the Mayan calendar, the fifth era ends on December 21, 2012-another example of the end of time.

    Does it follow, if humanity is NOT doomed, that it can relax and degrade? – No, because if you degrade, you can become extinct without any objective prerequisites.

    Should we, if humanity is definitely doomed, then we can finally relax and calmly degrade? – No, because if you develop quickly enough, you can overcome the prerequisites for death and, consequently, avoid a sad outcome.

    Thus, the meaning of living may be, for example, to provide future generations with a foundation based on which they could continue to exist and develop (and, preferably, comfortably, happily), and not become extinct.

  64. There is a small chance that science will still allow a person to develop further, to leave the solar system. explore space, communicate with other civilizations.

    Life is given to everyone to have fun living it). To fulfill your dreams and give others a reason to dream.

    Do you know what you will think about after you die? “I was happy? I did everything I could?- if the answer is “yes”, then you will continue to be serene. If the answer is “no”, then you are in torment and self-flagellation. ..

  65. There is a point of view that a person cannot cease to exist, but he can change. The cessation of one form of existence to another is known to people as death.

  66. To find the meaning of life, you need to understand what life is.

    And life is not only the existence of humanity, other fauna and, of course, flora.

    They live – that is, all conceivable and unthinkable material objects in the universe exist in one form or another.

    Each individual photon, atom, stone, planet, star, galaxy, flower, person, and even thought, as a set of material states, lives the life and time for which it has enough energy.

    At the same time, there may be little, much, or enough energy to maintain the life of a material object.

    According to the second law of thermodynamics, a closed system (that is, a specific individual material object) can only lose its energy in any case. That is, to change the properties of the object, to be destroyed, to die.

    Accordingly, to maintain life in a certain material object, the energy coming from outside should be exactly as much as it needs to stay in this state.

    If there is not enough energy , the object is destroyed or degraded.

    If enough – the object exists (lives)

    If the energy coming from outside is excessive-the object goes to another state-a qualitative jump is an evolutionary step. (The old object, as such, disappears).

    Thus, the meaning of life (of any material object) is to maintain its state. In the stability of the incoming energy.

    Any variations, of course, lead to a rebirth of the current state of a particular object.

    In this regard, it is necessary to understand that an overly purposeful struggle for improvement will also inevitably lead to the disappearance of the past.

    The best is the enemy of the good.)

    Stability is our everything!)))

  67. Do you believe in the creation of the universe, and not in evolution and other random appearance of life?

    Then a couple of verses about the meaning of being from the Creator:

    ..”Let us hear the essence of all this: fear God and keep His commandments, for this is all for man;

    For God will bring every work into judgment, and every secret thing, whether it is good or bad…”

    Ecclesiastes 12

    ..”The righteous will inherit the earth and live in it forever…”

    Psalm 36

    Humans are created for a specific purpose and for eternal life. Knowing your task and the reason for getting eternity in a young body fills life with meaning.

    Good luck to you!

  68. Indeed, what is left for a person who believes in the hypothesis of the inevitability of the death of humanity to think? And if you want to live, try to refute this hypothesis, or just live in the expectation that life itself will refute it.

    Personally, I advise you to believe that humanity is immortal and unkillable!

  69. This is one of those questions that can be answered by constantly reflecting, based in reflection on the analysis of being, their own experience, etc., only the one who asks it, because everyone considers this question through their own tunnel of perception and starting from their own beliefs.

  70. And who told you that it won't affect the universe? Or did you invent it yourself? Everything is interconnected in our small world. I believe that God created our world for us . And when humanity fulfills its mission and becomes UNNECESSARY, and the universe is doomed. Of course, the end of everything is predetermined, both for humanity and the universe. But once we are created, we must keep the brand, we must comply. One person doesn't seem to care whether they exist or not. But who knows what each of us is wearing? we must live. So that everything is correct.

  71. The only meaning of life is reproduction, reproduction of itself. Starting from abiogenesis, the RNA world and beyond. At the moment, this is the reproduction of genes. Everything else, including the rich spiritual world of individual individuals, is a superstructure and adaptation mechanisms designed for efficient reproduction of genes. On the universe of life of us … t.

  72. Very good question! Bravo!

    The soul is immortal. The spirit is immortal.

    That's where it makes sense to develop.

    Here's where to invest your short life.

    Everything else is born, comes into the world and dies, disappears.

    It is necessary to perceive this material world as a school for the development of the soul and spirit. You leave this world every night, and sometime you will leave it forever.

    Pay attention to spirituality and this question will be resolved on its own.

    In addition to the material world, there is also the spiritual world.

  73. The meaning of any living thing is to create your own kind. Whether it's a virus, a bacterium, or an animal like a human. If a person has lived his life and had no children, then he has lived his life in vain. This is from the point of view of biology. And from the human point of view: I think, so I exist. However, not everyone can think, especially with their own brains.

  74. Simply put, “without problems”- there is no point. Our whole life is a series of random coincidences that gave rise to the Earth, life on it, and specifically each of us…

    If you still “bother”, then there are a lot of options from different areas of human self-knowledge: science, religion, philosophy…

    Most of these ideas come down to the meaning of life in prolonging it and multiplying it. Worlds are born and die, and civilizations are born, evolve, and die. The task (meaning of existence) of any civilization is to prolong the existence of its species and reach such a level of development that when the habitat planet begins to die, the level of development of the species will allow it to leave the dying world and move to another…

    At the same time, not all worlds can be suitable for the existence of a specific species – therefore, these creatures must possess technologies, reach the level of development to create “hybrids”, when a new creature created on the basis of the main “prototype” (source material) is able to live in conditions unsuitable for the original “prototype”… -so we come to the origins of the creation of man “in the image and likeness” of God (s)…

    Learn more about the history of religions, paleovisite theory, UFOs, aliens, and the paranormal at https://x-files.co.ua/ru

  75. Realizing the mortality of a person, we are constantly rushing to look for the meaning of life beyond its borders.

    Imagine that a person is immortal and lives forever. Then there is no death, life will never end. Where will we look for the meaning of life? Beyond life? But there are no limits. Where then? Only within life itself.

    But even so, even if we are not immortal, we can search for the meaning of life within this very life. And that's exactly what we should be doing. Whether we live forever or not, there can be no meaning to life anywhere else.

  76. Life has only the meaning that you will fill it with.

    This is true for the individual and for any society. And for humanity as a whole.

  77. The meaning of life is laid down by the Creator .Man is the son of God, not only because he was originally created by God ,but also because he is endowed with a spark of God,i.e., a part of His consciousness.So God created the universe for his own manifestation in matter.So life is made for joy. The meaning of life is in joy, love and truth.Humanity will not die out.

  78. The question doesn't make sense. Absolutely everything comes to an end, after which everything starts all over again (although this is rather my philosophical and religious position). At a minimum, it's worth living for the sake of the process.

  79. In this sense, our life can be likened to flirting – which is essentially self-deception-but in the moment it may well end in success. Our life is almost always “aimed” at some conditional “success” – but as a rule, the process itself is much more important to us than the sometimes ephemeral goal that we supposedly strive for throughout life. Anthropic meaning always boils down to a certain change from one “status” to another – and very often the more intense this swing is, the more meaningful life seems to us. Few people need absolute and boring stability by definition. Give us some adrenaline and entertainment. So life is meaningless and passes in search of meaning…

  80. Here's the thing … Each of us has our own birthday … But this birthday is not just the day of our appearance on earth … This day marks our appearance in eternity… The fact is that life on planet earth is just a stage, the same stage as being in the womb of the mother, it is necessary to prepare for the next stage, which is the same endless eternal life… This is why you don't just live, you are already now, today you are living forever, right now and you will never die again… And most importantly, there are no barriers to this eternal life and there are no obstacles, it has already begun and is going on, a normal, eternal life… Think about it and you will answer all your questions…

  81. To answer the question: “Does life have meaning?”, you must first find out how life came about. Reflecting on how wonderfully our brain and body were created, many people came to the conclusion that life was given to us by a wise Creator. If that's the case, then surely he created us for a specific purpose! Once we know what that goal is, we can give our lives meaning. The Bible says, ” How many are Your works, O Lord! You have done all things wisely; the earth is full of your works” (Psalm 103: 24). So why did God create humans?

  82. “You who do not know what will happen tomorrow: for what is your life? a vapor that appears for a short time and then disappears.”

    James 4: 14

    “And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man: they ate, they drank, they married, they gave in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Just as it was in the days of Lot: they ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom, a rain of fire and brimstone fell from heaven and destroyed them all; so it will be in the day when the Son of Man appears.

    Whoever saves his life will destroy it; but whoever destroys it will give it life.”

    Luke the Holy Gospel 17: 26-30, 33

  83. If you think from the point of view of each individual, then everyone has their own meaning here..In achieving certain goals, raising children, being able to enjoy every new day, discovering new peaks, research, etc .The list is quite long.But from the point of view of the universe and the universe, all these are certain actions and desires that help people feel needed and happy.In fact, I think the point is to achieve the highest degree of spirituality.I am not an atheist, but I am also not a deep believer, but I am sure that it is the soul that is the only justification for our essentially meaningless life in the global understanding.

  84. First of all, a person must understand the meaning of his life.For what to give an assessment to others, especially the Universe.Each of us is primarily responsible for ourselves,for our children.Being meaningful to yourself and your family is a lifetime's work,and this is a great achievement.

  85. So the universe will also end, but not soon, just live in the present, love if you can, don't look for meaning, just live, that's the point. And if it's really bad, then faith will help.

  86. From the point of view of the universe, humanity is much smaller than a bug from the point of view of an individual. But a person is not interested in the meaning of the life of this bug, which he accidentally crushed. It didn't affect him.

    So, for the universe, humanity is smaller than this bug.

  87. Think about yourself now, and not about the abstract extinction of humanity is unknown when. What is the meaning of your life? For you? What meaning did you fill it with?

    People usually live meaningless lives. What they dedicate their lives to is temporary and will die with the death of the body. All their achievements, awards, successes — everything they invested in during their life, will remain in the cemetery. Money, home, family, the objects they surrounded themselves with, friends, loved ones, all the attachments — everything will end when the body dies. And the person they thought they were will also end with the life of the body. They ran, bustled all their lives, earned money, tried to create comfort and coziness in the house, buy a new car, go on vacation to a resort in Turkey… But they didn't have time to think about what they were living for. Who am I in reality, where did I come from, and where will I go? What is the meaning of my life? Really in this in this running in circles? Everyone is doomed at the moment of birth, but people reject the idea of death. The living dead go to work every day, buy groceries at the supermarket, and watch TV in the evening, which shows stories about other living dead people. And one day such a living dead person becomes a dead dead person and is moved to the cemetery in a beautiful coffin. And why did he live?

    Every day we live brings us closer to this moment. And it's also good if the death is sudden. And if a person understands that he will soon die? Everything he held dear will soon be over. All his life he was running and jumping, but why? What did it do for him now that his life was over? Death has come, but he is absolutely not ready for it. What moral suffering this person is experiencing!

    In order not to find yourself in the same situation, start living every day differently! No one knows when his hour will strike. Therefore, you need to be prepared for death every day, so that it does not take you by surprise. You need to remember about death every day and let death become your best friend and adviser, let it always stand behind your left shoulder. And if you think about it every day, then the quality of your life will change. You will no longer be the “living dead”, your life will be filled with meaning. You will appreciate every hour and every minute of your life. You will stop chasing mirages and wasting your life on unimportant things. And if you spend at least a few percent of your time, instead of sitting in front of the TV, chatting on social networks or chatting on the phone, finding out who you really are, who you were before you were born and who you will be after, and what the true meaning of life is, then your current life will not be in vain, because the answers to

  88. This is exactly the whole nonsense of atheism… So much despair, so much tears, so much suffering. And they believe that all this is in vain, all this will end and we will not be better…

  89. Not everything has a goal, for if everything had a goal, then the existence of a goal would also have a goal. And hers, too. The paradox is that not everything has it. And if not everything has it, then why should life have it? Life is a given, probably meaningless, but a given. It's not bad or good, it's just there.

  90. Humanity can, of course, destroy itself and even the entire planet. There were always enough fools. But this has nothing to do with the meaning of life. People's souls are immortal. And only the experience gained by these souls during their earthly life is important. It is for this experience that God created the world and people. If the Earth dies, the souls will be sent to other planets to gain new experience. And at the end of time, all souls will receive immortal bodies.

  91. Many people worry about their future and the future of the earth. However, the earth will not be destroyed, as the words of the Holy Scriptures assure us. Since God formed the earth, established it, and did not create it in vain. He formed it for residence.Isaiah 45: 18). It is God's intention that the earth should exist forever, with heavenly conditions and righteous people living on it.

  92. Yes, you're right. People will die out, just as everything that is created by people will disappear. There will remain those who have perfected themselves to God. such people will live forever and will fly around the universe to find planets for themselves on which they will work. This is what God's teachings are for, so that a person can improve. For we were created to make gods out of us. but few people understand this.

  93. The earth will never cease to exist and people will always live on it. It's just that things will change for the better. The main quality of the Creator is LOVE. Life is a GIFT from God. The person had to enjoy life. Take care of the land and animals, develop. Something went wrong, but it will be fixed soon. God's plan will be fulfilled

  94. From the point of view of the universe itself, there is no meaning. Meaning each person creates for himself artificially, so to speak, to pass away his life. Someone collects stamps, and someone collects bottles. And so, what you have lived that lived, all drummed as from no where they came from, so nowhere and leave whatever you're doing . Except for yourself, no one needs you as much as in an anthill.

  95. This is too loud a question…

    Especially, it is incorrect to say “(this will not affect the universe)”.

    We have no idea what the “universe”is. And how something should affect it… “Something!? – The word ” fuck on the moon or something ?”

    We only know that there is something in all directions (stars, galaxies, clusters of stars, ipt).

    Humanity is currently at the stage of “knowing” the world around it. But, with a weak possibility of studying (there are no tools).

    Pickaxe – bullshit.

    We're not so far away from the monkeys…

    It is necessary to develop and develop…

    There is no full-fledged intellectual development in different areas (A person is forced to concentrate on one thing. Lack: mind (brain activity), time (to study data). Yes, and death breathes in the back of your head). I mean, an individual can't be brilliant at everything.


    Therefore, so slow down.

    In general… We need to evolve, but today, for our species, it is a matter of generations (and not a specific individual).

    In general, catch the meaning of life:

    In order to be a handsome man, you need to temper your kind (so as not to produce idiots and useless ones). So-be fruitful/multiply, and do not be stupid (develop, both mentally and financially). Inheriting offspring, both knowledge and material base…

    As a result-if anything (force majeure), not your family (and you yourself) will be guilty of the death of humanity :)))

  96. The problem is that not only can humanity go extinct, but every one of us is mortal. And we may not live to see the death of humanity, although it is now, of course, walking on the edge. I am writing this because the question is more acute than it is asked. That is, everyone gains something during their lifetime – some property, money, friends, family, career achievements, and so on, but at the time of death they will be forced to lose it. However, why do all this if you still have to die? The answer is that it really has no value in itself. It is necessary, but simply as an element of life, and not as its purpose and meaning. The goal and meaning must be sought among what will never be destroyed, will never disappear, that is, among the eternal. The eternal can provide both support in life now and a perspective for the future.

  97. Think for yourself! If it doesn't make sense, then why do you live here and what is the point of it???

    Meaning is always there – we don't always see it using everyday patterns or those that are voiced to us from the TV screen!

    But have you ever thought about what they tell you and why?

    Maybe it's all wrong?

    We are IMPORTANT to the UNIVERSE and above all our emotions – what do we bring to it – Destructive or Love!

    The universe is filled with this – we worry and freak out a lot – this is what it is filled with!

    We create and bring Love and joy to it and it opens up to us!

    But everyone makes their own step and their own aspiration – this is a fact!

    To your question:

    Yes, you are right – it will die out and be reborn in a new quality-evolution! 😉

    And everything matters! Without this, humanity will not be able to move to another level, and this is normal!

  98. perhaps we live to show who is the smartest and there is a chance that people will create robots that will replace people and populate the entire galaxy and nothing that was created by human hands will not disappear but will remain with robots. there is a possibility that robots will be able to create artificial people and such as they were before extinction

  99. My meaning of life is
    in my child, my future grandchildren, and my future great-grandchildren. In general, in the continuation of the genus. And my future generations should live with dignity in every sense. That's what I live for and try to succeed.

  100. First, the meaning of life is life itself.

    Second, extinction is inevitable.

    Third, it should not affect the universe in any way, you (a person) are not so important and significant a figure as to change something in the universe.

    Fourth, we (the people ) of the universe do not care whether we matter in its existence by our existence or by our actions. We are just an accident that occurred at a given time interval in the universe, right now the planet “earth” has the right temperature and climate to support life, etc. For me, we shouldn't have appeared at all, just a random universe and you don't ask such questions anymore, please )

  101. The point of humanity is to lower the entropy of the universe. We are the guardians of the universe, as well as the reason for the birth of a new universe, after the final extinction of this one. I.e. the universe in which we live was created by the same people.

  102. The word meaning is rather strange. In our lives, we primarily experience this as a rather fun and dynamic process. It is not clear whether this makes sense. We are alive with our memories. We can experience the phenomenon of time-it is equally positive and sad-because nothing lasts forever under the moon. But watching this movie called life is in many ways a positive process, even sometimes useful. The universe is not against or in favor of our understanding of life or the meaning of anything being reflected in it or not. It is possible that only the material will eventually disappear. Regarding the immaterial – our thoughts, our consciousness-there is no such certainty yet – that it will also disappear forever someday. Meaning and meaning is most likely in the “here and now”. The rest is secondary. But how we lived, whether we were honest, fair, decent, caring for each other-this is very important and meaningful. This is how we were created and how we strive to be.

  103. The meaning was invented by people themselves in fact outside the brain reality has no meaning this is cause-and-effect relationships no more, I agree with the fact that it is possible that there are limitations to the knowledge of people who are not present in the physical world, the meaning of life is not one person this is self-belief that people would live no more, if you look at religions then get to heaven or hell, if this turns out to be true, then life in the physical shell is a stage of transition to another life but even there is heaven or hell still there is no meaning of life getting there it will still be invented by a person, so there is no point in living

  104. Everyone determines the meaning for themselves,for each person there is a meaning of existence.Now all the inventions of mankind are able to give people the benefits of life, but people themselves do not know exactly when humanity will die out.Now,without knowing when all life will disappear,a person lives either for himself or for someone else – for example, for the chance to reproduce

  105. Evolution is a very cruel thing. Those individuals who don't want to live, or don't want to live too much, simply die out without leaving any offspring. And those who want to live very strongly, survive by any means and achieve success in this. As a result, the whole earth is filled with creatures who really want to live and are not loaded with questions about why the fuck it is necessary.

    With a person, everything is more complicated. Man created a monster called civilization, thanks to which almost all individuals survive, and the death of a certain number of them practically does not affect the viability of civilization as a whole. Therefore, the individual's desire for survival in humans has significantly weakened, even to the point of self-destruction. Well, fuck them. Normal dudes are never loaded with questions about why they live and why they need it. They live simply because they live and do not need any philosophical justification for this.

  106. You urgently need to read the book “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams, there is an answer to your question. The idea is this: Earth is a supercomputer created by a highly advanced race to answer the question ” what is the meaning of life?” And millions of years of the existence of our planet is the execution of the most complex calculation algorithm. The book is super, read in one breath, and the answer to your question is there, but I will not disclose it to keep the intrigue)))

  107. Nothing at all. We just live because we live. Each sas invents a meaning for himself, lives in illusions and fantasies, looking at reality in a distorted way, through the prism of his beliefs.

  108. The meaning is not in the end, the meaning is in the process itself. The water cycle in nature has no ultimate goal to leak somewhere or fill the reservoir of the universe. Meaning is in the process that gives life to all living things. So it is with humans… To live, to have children, to create, to create… Many people primitivize this, seeing the meaning in selfish enjoyment and consumerism. Some people see the meaning of spiritual service to God and people…

  109. Hm
    The meaning of life in your world is to fulfill your program which is entered by the soul itself before coming here to this world
    In this world the soul goes to practice after being prepared theoretically in that world
    That world theory
    This world is practice
    In this world the soul is given special clothing female or male form тело body
    After completing its program here in this world, the soul leaves its form here and flies back to that world by itself.
    Finding the soul in this world is set by the soul itself😊all this is entered into the program of the soul's life here the soul itself turns on the timer and goes here
    Death 5794=25
    And so your point of coming here is to survive for everyone not for everyone alone
    There's a pyramid of Cheops 😊 it's a time bomb set people living here as a test set to 😊😊 – handling device of your business to make sure that the bomb did not explode😊and smashed all of you😊and not only in the dust😊
    I think it became a little clear to you why you are all gathered here in this world and without memory память memory is an interesting thing😊

  110. If that's what you're asking, you probably don't have any children. We live for our children, wives and mothers. We defend our Homeland, we die, but we do not lose our honor and conscience!And let the higher matter remain aloof.

  111. Man comes to Earth for a short period (100 years) in order to choose the path for your immortal soul (mind you, live indefinitely). And in this short period of time, a person chooses one of two roads. His soul must go to heaven or hell. Of course, in addition to this, he needs to raise children, who also need to be directed to the path of righteousness. They, in turn, will also choose their own path. That is, for God, the soul is more important, and the fact that we do this here on Earth is secondary. In general, this is a philosophical topic, you can talk for a long time. All the answers are in the Bible.

  112. The argument that there is no meaning in life already implies some meaning, right? By saying that there is no meaning, we are already asserting meaning. And here it makes no sense to talk only about humanity, but it makes sense to talk about the meaning of every thing, any object, any abstract concept, but first of all, it makes sense to talk about the meaning of meaning.

    Is there anything and anyone without meaning? Is there an existence without meaning? Is there an existence without meaning and meaninglessness? Does existence exist?

    Do we exist? Is there humanity? Is there a universe?

    Is there a question? Is there an answer? What is the question and what is the answer?

    What is abstraction and what is reality?

    If we sum up this cascade of questioning, we can come to the conclusion that there is simply ” who ” and “what”, called by different terms (consciousness, being, reality, matter, God, etc., etc.), and we (people)�and other living entities are some “operators” of this “ktoynost-chtoynost”.

    And when existence as” ktoynost-chtoynost ” sinks into non-existence (according to the protologics of our human language of understanding), then perhaps the meaning will disappear forever. But this is not necessary. After all, non-existence may also have a meaning :).

    So there is a certain thin layer of meaning, relatively speaking, “always”.

  113. No one knows. Knowledge is a theory confirmed by practice, i.e. to have a proof. Without this , it is a hypothesis, assumptions, theory, etc. Even Einstein proved the theory theoretically, only on paper, but this does not mean that it is true. That's what it's called – a theory, not a law (rule, postulate) Einstein. So far, he's a theoretical genius.

    You can only assume anything and believe or disbelieve – no sense. It's just a guessing game. For example, we can assume: if there is no system in the distribution of goods and destinies of people ( how the chip falls, a set of random opportunities) that is, humanity is someone's experiment, either ongoing or abandoned. What's the use ? Has life become easier, more joyful, and more comfortable ?

  114. Although people have always been interested in knowing about their future, no one has ever predicted it accurately and in detail. It follows that no one can be sure that humanity will become extinct. As the saying goes: “Man suggests, but God disposes” – these words are taken from the Bible: “There are many plans in the heart of man, but what God has planned will take place.” I believe that only the Creator of humanity knows our future for sure. He has plans to leave the earth inhabited for centuries and change the living conditions for us.

  115. I'll tell you briefly

    For some, REASON is A GIFT ..


    Humanity will definitely die out, in 4-5 billion years, the Sun will go out, that is, on the contrary, it will burn out , but by then I think . our little granddaughters, great-great….. will be watching this from the sidelines.. I believe in IT..

  116. The meaning of human life on earth is to grow a healthy, developed, intelligent soul in the body – our rational essence. What we really are, and leaving the already unnecessary body, like a butterfly, cocoon, go to live in the astral life, where the body is no longer needed, the Brain only transforms the signals of the soul for the body. So that we can feel everything in our body as in our soul. The human brain does not know how to think, feel, love, hate, it has no conscience. It is a medical fact that the brain can only think, but not think. He has only the memory of accumulated knowledge and life experience, and from this makes decisions. Choosing from all the accumulated baggage of knowledge and experience, the right solution. But these will always be dead decisions, despite the fact that they are correct, the Brain does not understand the consequences of them. This is the fate of all ” THINKERS “, but only our energy essence can think directly with the astral, and there are already an unlimited number of solutions. Always live decisions, because the THINKER always understands their consequences, and even if from the point of view of an ignorant person, they are probably wrong, then the decision made by thought is always correct, Because it is not how and what we want, but how it actually happens. And our earth is essentially an incubator for the withdrawal of energy entities. Nothing goes anywhere and never will. Just as there are no coincidences. They appear only from our lack of understanding and misunderstanding of reality. Naive belief in miracles about Emelya. That everything is done and appears by itself. All creative people are thinkers. All administrative officials are thinkers. Thinkers are not allowed to enter power. A thinker in power, understanding the essence of the Anti-People System, will begin to improve it and destroy it. The thinker will stupidly work in it, saving it as soon as possible. NOTHING EVER DISAPPEARS, This is the most important law of nature. We live in an Intelligent World. In the Universal Mind. It's invisible. Like a current, but it's reasonable energy . The only Energy that can DO EVERYTHING ! She is called a God on earth. Only the current convinces us of its existence by causing us real pain,and we see where this pain is coming from. There is no need for intelligence here. We know that if we grab a live wire, we'll get an electric shock. But we do not understand where and for what we get troubles in life, illnesses, joys, disappointments and love, Hatred and compassion. We naively believe that all this happens by itself. Or we choose it ourselves. I can't explain it any other way, although there are plenty of explanations for this. But we do not want to bother with real knowledge of what is happening-FAITH, it is easier for us to invent our own explanation of what is happening and assume that it is so. And the longer we remain in our illusions, the more difficult it is to comprehend reality and part with our myth. Everything always has its own explanation, and there are no miracles. What we consider a miracle is a common occurrence in nature. We, our life on earth, are a common task of nature that we actually perform. No one can say when this project, so to speak, will stop working. But the fact that it now works perfectly is beyond doubt. People are born, acquire intelligence, choose for themselves good or evil, and leave with this baggage of suffering. experience and feelings, in later life. Otherwise, it would have lost all meaning and ended before it even started.

  117. As long as there is such a thing as death, there is no meaning in life and can not be. At the moment, a person is born to die. By spawning his own kind, he only increases the number of deaths. For a person, the only thing that remains is once he has entered this life, then behave with dignity according to the developed rules and canons .

  118. I think the meaning of life is death. I start from the fact that humanity exists for thousands of years, but in the end comes to death, and those who want to live forever are wrong. After all, to experience the pain of losing loved ones, loneliness, rapprochement, and again loss… But this is purely my opinion.

  119. Like this what's the point? And buy lipstick? Fight cellulite? Again, shish kebab, ice cream.. a party, like.. and you tell me about the universe.. Well, you have some questions, mushina..

  120. Seekers of the meaning of life, as a rule, have neither life nor meaning. You can live. And make sense of it. And you can not do thislive. But, damn it, to suffer, as it makes sense to produce it. When nothing but waste products can be produced.

  121. If you stop consuming food, satisfy your hunger for the same reason – you will still want it. Then, as time passes, life will have meaning. Even if it is still an animal, instinctive, not meaningful. But that's enough for a start.

  122. But first of all, nothing in this world disappears, because space is energy and space is information. All the information and therefore all the accumulated experience are preserved, and we just move from one level to another,so the so-called “death” is a transition from the low-frequency physical world to the subtle-high-frequency one..

  123. God created man and gave Him Reason, so that man could know what is good, build it up together with the Creator, and multiply it by spreading the good around him in every possible way. And he lived in harmony with the world around him in the power of the spirit of active love. And the power of love would light up his heart with an unearthly light, giving him peace and quiet, abundantly feeding him with the unspeakable joy of being.

  124. with the paradigm of being that you have given, there is really no sense, but it confuses me that you are talking about such a secret as the future of humanity in a completely peremptory way,as if you know all this completely. Have you ever considered the possibility that you might be mistaken ?

    As a Christian, let me tell you that everything has a purpose, meaning, and meaning, and that humanity is waiting for a non-existence, a reward, a reward for righteousness and a punishment for iniquity, and a new existence in another world, which is called the Kingdom of God. I understand that this sounds “unrealistic” to you, but in our world there are many such “unrealities” that we are used to. Take the iPhone for example – was it possible 200 years ago to believe that there would be such a thing ? Impossible. So you need to wait and look for good surprises from life, which is what I wish you.)

  125. From the point of view of naturalism (as they answered above), there is no meaning for man and humanity. The world system is closed – we can't influence it in any way. This is something that must be accepted together with the materialistic worldview. These are nihilists, existentialists, naturalists, relativists, humanists, and so on.

    People who accept the existence of spirit (soul, energy, in different ways) are divided on this issue. There is an atheistic branch-it is important to develop your soul, as it is eternal. So in Buddhism. there is a theistic branch where the meaning is taken from the view of the supreme God. There is also a wide variety of answers, and they will be different for monotheists (and among them, too), pantheists, deists, polytheists, and so on. Therefore, answering the question – from a materialistic point of view, everything is so, it makes no more sense than a shrew. With an idealistic one, there is a wide range of answers, but everyone chooses for themselves.

  126. Oh, these questions about the meaning of life;) By default, a person has an innate instinct for reproductive activity, just like all living things. This is the original meaning. Everything else piled up and came with time. And just to die, if in all this someone does not see even such an elementary meaning, nothing prevents. And in general, a living creature is not set the parameter that their world will one day die. So it should always be there, and you can always continue your family and live in your own pleasure.

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