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  1. Abstinence is inherently meaningless. The accumulated tension should be vented out. Yes, it is possible in a physical way, but this is a little different from the voltage, so it works worse. Moreover, masturbation, for example, is also a source of endorphin.

  2. I'll answer the question directly.

    1) more energy appears

    2) the body recovers faster after exercise

    3) things are easier to do, everything is grasped literally on the fly


    I have to complete the answer.

    It is best to refrain from watching porn. Completely abstain from masturbation and sex is not worth it, as there is a risk of gradual extinction of sexual function and health problems. Abstinence is good, but all good things should be done in moderation.

  3. Personally, I have nothing positive! Anger,irritation, thoughts only about sex! To hell with abstinence,we don't live in the Middle Ages! There is no girl, I pulled the shutter, but then no thoughts distract from business!

  4. I repeat the words of the famous St. Petersburg homeopathic Thai doctor-Abstinence destroys young male flesh. So I suggest putting a comma after the first word in the question. Without sexual release, men begin to show signs of inappropriate behavior. And here the body itself has to apply what is called bodily impurity in religion, in which case believers are not even allowed to take communion, according to the rules. Having tried it experimentally, I personally did not find any positive emotions and results.

  5. Male, as well as female abstinence, can not have a positive effect in any way – not on health, not on the image, the way of everyday life… You can of course limit, but completely abandon sexual activity (sex, masturbation) is not possible and will not work.

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