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  1. The primary way of perception is with the help of the senses. These are the eyes-visual perception, the ears-auditory perception, the nose-smell perception, the mouth-taste perception, and the skin-touch perception.

    If these sense organs are not developed, but the perception of information is impossible.

    If a person is blind or deaf, etc., then some other type of perception becomes more acute.

    Most modern people are formed as visuals, because most of the information in the digital world is transmitted in pictures.

  2. Which one is primary for a person? Speech and gestures. Speech and gestures are primary, first Homo developed speech (and gestures), and then attempts to transmit information on material media – cave walls, using object compositions, and so on. I'm not an anthropologist, though. But in general, if we even look at ancient (primitive) cultures, they are mostly cultures with oral transmission of information from person to person. Even many advanced cultures of antiquity (such as the Jewish Old Testament culture) were primarily cultures of oral transmission of information – although this culture knew writing, but did not use it as the main method. The Torah and Tanakh were memorized by the scribes, and the expert of the” oral Torah ” was considered a person who could retell it (although it was later written down). The same can be said about the early cultures of the Greek archipelago, since the myths were formed early, within the framework of oral creativity and were recorded much later by Homer and Hesiod (VIII century BC).

  3. It depends on what is considered information, because you can also dig up several definitions of this term. Thus, academician N. N. Moeseev believed that it is impossible to give a single precise definition of the term “information”.�

    This is the most controversial concept in science.

    Most likely, because one can only assume that there have always been several ways to receive and transmit information. Depending on the type and form of information that was collected/transmitted.

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