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  1. For me, a problem is a challenge, an obstacle on the way to the goal. The problem occurs where there is no experience or knowledge. The problem activates the brain, and problem solving helps in development.

  2. Hello! For me personally, the problem is an unresolved issue. Something that requires attention, permission.

    People call “problem” very different things. So the answers to your question reflect this thesis well.

    In fact, it's always interesting to listen to experts. Right here https://rg.ru/2012/02/16/problema.html a very well-known expert in the field of the Russian language examines in detail both the etymology of the word “problem” and its application in the historical and modern context.

    It is interesting, for example, that this word is never found in the works of Pushkin 🙂

    The question itself is wonderful, thank you!

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  3. For me, there is no such thing as a problem. There are difficulties that must be overcome. You don't have a job, you don't have money, you don't have a place to live, you don't have a couple, you don't have much else. All this can be perceived as a problem, or you can not treat it as a problem. It all depends on how a person reacts to certain events in his life.

  4. For me, problems are things that happen against my will, cause me to be distracted from the necessary useful things and activities, take my attention, strength and nerves; interfere, forcing me to constantly think about myself until resolution. so-absolutely anything can become a problem, alas.

  5. If you look in the dictionary, a problem is a situation that is considered undesirable or harmful and requires solving and overcoming, a difficult unresolved issue, a source of confusion, stress or annoyance, and difficulty in understanding and accepting.�

    This is a list of moments in life that we call a ” problem.” Some of these problems are solved, some require a rethinking of the whole concept of life, some even cause mental disorders.�

    Until I came to Bales, every little thing that prevented me from living, I panicked called a problem and frantically ran and grabbed to solve it quickly in order to continue living on as I imagined my life. Now I don't respond to any problems in any way. Of course, unpleasant situations arise. But I don't call them problems. I just take it as inevitable-So it was God's will. You won't believe it, but after I set out on the path of this careless concept, many unpleasant situations resolve themselves.

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