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  1. You can recall the unforgettable lines of Sergei Shnurov�

    Somewhere inside, in each of us

    There is an infinite space!

    To fly, you need a “rocket”

    If you don't have any cigarettes, just forget the cigarette.

    That's what the original cosmos is? It is the ordered that has structure as opposed to chaos. Therefore, each of us is a traveler on this ordered path, all of us are cosmonauts.�

    The question of what to do if you become sad, I think, was partly solved in the works of existentialists. One of the symbols of a sad person was supposed to be Sisyphus with his stone, but Camus shows us that even in this concentrated sadness you can find positive things. The main thing is not to perceive that sad things are inevitable.

  2. I think it's because the person doesn't understand what they want right now.
    If you still want to be an astronaut, then you need to pull yourself together and achieve. Why didn't you become an astronaut? You didn't take it for health reasons? So, you need to improve your health. Or didn't you even try? Then we must try.
    If it doesn't work out at all, then just start working hard and save up for space tourism.
    It is much more difficult if you don't want to be an astronaut anymore, well, that is, if they come and send you to space, you won't refuse, but you don't really want to try yourself somehow. Most likely, it's just that children's maximalism collided with everyday life, and you were hit by an explosive wave. Then you need to let go of the dream of cosmonautics, why waste it, since you don't want to anymore. And find another one. Let it not be heroic and large-scale, let it be stupid or childish – it doesn't matter. It is important that even the smallest dream will make you strive for it and do something. Not necessarily something that will change the world, it is difficult and very quickly such a dream will also hang heavy. It is better to start with something achievable, like learning something, or going somewhere, or participating in something. And then, as it will raise you from the couch, you can also think about more ambitious plans.

  3. In my opinion, the main problem of sad people is that they have a lot of laziness, and the abundance of free time that is spent on contact, probably they should go apply to “flight universities”in order to realize their dream and not sit in a spacesuit on a sofa, or in front of a computer screen.

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