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  1. The human personality constantly needs confirmation of its own existence – this is the peculiarity of the psyche. Personality is an absolute phantom, a “dummy”, a product of the cognitive system, a kind of “periscope” raised “from the inside” by the brain to verify its decisions.�

    But this “periscope” always needs confirmation that it exists, and that it is the main one in the process) �

    And the best way to do this is to contemplate the products of your own creative activity. Realizing that this ” wouldn't have happened without me, but now it is thanks to me, is the best way to confirm that “I” am.

    The “I” cannot look at itself. It can only look at “the work of its own hands.”

    This is the feeling a woman feels when looking at her child, and the same feeling a man feels when looking at a house built by him (a book written, a tree planted, etc.).

    In this regard, for example, in Christian theology, the Devil is called the “monkey of God”: he is not capable of creativity, but can only distort, change, redistribute and destroy what someone else has created.

  2. This question can be endless. Let's assume (with a high probability) that you are waiting for a description of some physiological mechanism in response: they say, such and such hormones are released, and so on. Then you can ask what is the reason for the joy of this physiological mechanism or what is the reason for the release of hormones from the creative process. In this case, they can answer, according to the current fashion, that this is supposedly programmed by evolution. Then we can ask what is the reason for the joy of evolutionary programming. And so on and so forth. Unless you are satisfied with the answer – God, who is the cause of Himself (causa sui). And He will also be the cause of joy from It.

  3. The desire for positive emotions is one of the driving forces of evolution, and one of the components of the instinct of self-preservation. Thanks to the development of limbic brain structures, animals (and humans) have acquired the ability to use subjective experiences of their own state as an incentive and driving force. The significance of emotions lies in the fact that they allow us to evaluate certain changes and states of the environment, and determine the appropriate behavior for this state. The need for creativity, work, and knowledge is accompanied by conditionally negative emotions: we are not satisfied with something, and we strive to change it, thereby confirming our own existence and providing ourselves with more favorable living conditions. In other words, any act of creative activity is both a manifestation of being and a transformation of being.

  4. The reason for the joy and enjoyment of the creative process is-self-interest in the business and jealousy of your favorite business. Any other pernicious activity is not able to fill up the idea and celebrate the magnitude of the thought of high things.

  5. 🙂 Matter that is the cause of Itself (causa sui). And it will also be the cause of joy from It.

    Actually … that's a strange answer. Very interesting. The answer to absolutely all the questions of humanity.

    Joy is pleasure, pleasure. Hedonism in short. And hedonism is not only carnal pleasures and pleasures, but also the pleasures obtained from work, knowledge, creativity , … One of the first preachers of hedonism – Epicurus-carnal pleasures were before … candles (light bulbs). Most of his pleasure came from thinking.

    Well, as long as hedonism and sybaritism are the main essence of being-a person, then the person who is able and wants to create gets joy from this process.

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