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  1. oddly enough, this need is caused by his faith, which gives him an appropriate picture of the world – he has already known the truth, the Creator, etc., and now it is his sacred duty to bring this truth to everyone around him. Another thing is that he can make mistakes both in his faith as a vector, and in his ways of communicating information, motives, methods, etc. They may also be immature in this matter, have not been taught the right actions, or have not yet fully understood the Creator.�

  2. But only a believer? I know a couple of atheists, vegans, bodybuilders, and others trying to force their way of life on me. The answer is universal for everyone: everyone thinks that they are right, they live better than everyone else, and they have learned the truth in general. And when he sees something specifically different from his vision, his hands itch to show and prove his case, to put on the right path.

    Everyone has a similar desire, without exception. But, fortunately, most of these urges are restrained. In my opinion, the lack of restraint in this matter depends on the failure of a person or on his desire to be an authority, to prove his worth.

  3. A small part of people save up “spiritual coins” in this way, hoping to buy a ticket to paradise after death, figuratively speaking.
    Others seek confirmation of their faith in this irrational way: by convincing others, they first convince themselves. Quite an ordinary phenomenon, if you think about it.

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